MAC Antonio Lopez Fall 2013 Makeup Collection

MAC Antonio Lopez Face Palette ($46.50)

  MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Palette ($43.50)

MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Creative Copper Palette 
 Sear Cupcake(midtone coral pink), Artistic License (midtone frosty pink), Easy Gesture (pale warm beige), Creative Copper(sparkly true gold), Touch(tarnished taupe) and Carbonized (deep warm brown

 MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Teal Palette 
Colorful Life, Fashion Legend, Night Train, Sex & Disco, Freshwater, Sketchbook

MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Violet Palette
 Showgirl (dark blue grey pearl), Carbon (intense black), Graphic Style (deep silver), Lithe Spirit (cool cream, light neutral), Envisionary Pink (mid tone blue pink) and Violet Impact (vibrant violet)

MAC Antonio Lopez Lip Palette ($27.50)
 MAC Antonio Lopez Fuchsia Lip Palette with these tones
Candy Yum Yum (neon magenta pink), Moxie (bright pink), Violetta (bright clean violet purple).

  MAC Antonio Lopez Nudes Lip Palette 
Art Directed (glossy champagne), Antonio’s Girls(light peach) and Vivid Image (light white pink)

MAC Antonio Lopez Red Lip Palette 
Scarlet Ibis (bright orange-red), Mac Red (vivid bright bluish red) and Deeply Adored (deep scarlet)

Antonio Lopez compact mirror ($25), a MAC Antonio Lopez Tote ($55) that will be available online only and a MAC Antonio Lopez Make Up Bag ($40) that will be sold in MAC stores only

Until next time,
The Wicked 


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