NOTD: Blue and Gold Striping!

This is my third time using striping tape, but my first time actually doing it right! I was pretty excited.

First and foremost, I apologize for the weird lighting making my hand look like a lobster claw haha. Back to business… the base is two coats of Revlon Golden and the blue is China Glaze Manhunt.
I used striping tape to make the designs and did a thicker (not too thick) coat of Manhunt, just so none of the gold would show through. If you’re striping make sure to use an opaque color so it will cover the base color in one coat. The mistake I used to make is waiting for the polish to set before pulling off the tape… SO wrong. You need to pull the tape off when the polish is wet so you get a clean line.
After all the tape was off, I went back with a nail art brush and Golden and Manhunt and fixed any mistakes/ smudges. I also used the brush to fix any spots where Manhunt wasn’t totally opaque. Then I topped everything off with Seche Vite.
I really loved how this came out! What do you guys think? 
Until next time,
The Wicked

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