NOTD: Sequined Outline!

Another test with some of the stuff from my Dollar Nail Art haul!

First and foremost I apologize for my horrendous cuticles lol.
So the base is two coats of OPI Alpine Snow, and I used a dotting tool with a little bit of clear polish on it to pick up the sequins and place them. I put clear polish everywhere where I wanted the sequins. After everything was placed, I did a coat of Seche Vite.
I found that some of the sequins didn’t lie flat and so I did a second coat of Seche and that’s why my cuticles look crazy lol. After the second coat, they still didn’t lie flat and eventually ended picking at them relentlessly.
Removal is pretty annoying, I won’t lie. Like glitter, these can be difficult to remove. Since they are over nail polish it takes a while to get rid of the polish underneath and once they’re removed they get everywhere! I tend to remove as much as I can then pick the sequins off, then remove any leftover polish.
Anyone tried this kind of sequins? Likes/Dislikes?
Until next time,
The Wicked


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