China Glaze Want My Bawdy Swatches and Review!

Saw this in TJ Maxx and had to have it!

Ugh how beautiful is it?! I’m obsessed. This is three coats of Want My Bawdy. It’s like a super glowy royal blue/ blurple… it’s a little bit dusty though and has a super slight purple shift in some lighting. 
I didn’t even realize that this is from the China Glaze Bohemian Collection, which was a multi/duochrome collection. I actually have Deviantly Daring from the same collection. Want My Bawdy is probably the least duochrome of the whole bunch, but I still love the color.
The formula on this is pretty watery, and a little sheer. You can build it up to full opacity in two coats, but I think three deepens the color a little bit more. Dry time is normal. I do have to say that the staying power on this is crazy! I had 4 days of absolutely no chipping, a little tip wear, but can’t complain about that. I was super impressed.
Overall, this is pretty much my favorite blue at the moment!
Until next time,
The Wicked

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