NYC Grand Central Station Review!

If any of you read Nouveau Cheap, you might’ve seen some good stuff being said about NYC Grand Central Station. So, when I went to buy their matte top coat, I picked this up as well. Since I love the matte top coat.. I had high hopes…

I’ve been testing this out on a few manis and have had some mixed results. I used it on the last mani I posted and had no issues with it. It was applied on top of a fully dried matte top coats and made my mani nice and glossy, also didn’t have any issues with chipping after a couple days. It dried really fast, and I was ready for this to be my new go to top coat.
Then today, I tried using it on top of my current mani (which is dots… you’ll see it Wednesday), and I was horrified. It smeared every single dot that I had to almost completely redo two nails. My nails were completely dry, too! Such high hopes until that happened. 
So, I think this would be a good top coat for one color manis, nothing that could smear. I definitely woudn’t risk it on complicated nail art. Also, I’m not even sure that this is supposed to be a top coats, but I’m going to keep on testing it on different finishes of polishes.
Anyone use this before? Have any tips?
Until next time,
The Wicked


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