Helmer for Christmas!

Among other things, my boyfriend got me a helmer for Christmas! Obviously I had to reorganize my polishes ASAP!

 This is how I kept my polishes before, in on of those three drawer Sterilite cabinets.

New helmer!

 Third drawer with polishes that I only have a few of.

 My less used polishes, including Revlon, Sally Hansen, Color Club, Manglaze, Barielle, Nails Inc., Orly…

Polishes that I use A LOT: OPI, Zoya, Essie, China Glaze.
My last drawer has all my mini boxed sets.
For the moment I’ve organized everything by brand, which is how I had it before. But now that I have more drawers, I might reorganize everything again by color. As you can see my first two drawers are full, so if I buy more of the same brand, I’ll have to move things around… something I wouldn’t have to do if it were by color! Dumb me. Oh well, guess I’ll be moving things around again soon.
Anyway, this is super practical if you have a lot of polishes. Most bloggers use these or melmers from Michael’s. Definitely worth it, guys! 
How do you store your polish?
Until next time,
The Wicked


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