Nails Inc. South Kensington Swatches and Review!

So, I’ve been creeping on this polish for about a month now, ready to buy it online, but for some reason I never did. Something kept stopping me. Last week when I went to Sephora, I stumbled upon the sale shelf and what was on it? All the Nails Inc. Foil effect polishes! They only had South Kensington and Chelsea Bridge Road left so I grabbed them both!


This is two coats of South Kensington, as you can see it’s a silver with a foil type finish. It really does look like foil, and matched my macbook pretty well lol

In terms of application, I had read that this polish really accentuates any nail imperfections, so after some research I decided to apply it over a matte top coat. The matte top coat smooths out your nail, so it makes for a good base but you cal also apply it over a bare nail as suggested. I did have a few issues: this polish can pool a little bit, and you have to work pretty fast because it does set quickly (if you think it’s dry, you’re probably wrong. I smudged like 3 nails testing it out). Also I had a bunch of bubbling on some nails, which I had to do over. Not sure what caused the bubbling, but just keep an eye out for that. On a good note, this polish levels off a good amount of the streaks, so it didn’t end up looking streaky. Also, no top coat for this polish.

In terms of wear… this stuff is great. I’ve had it on for 5 days with only minimal tip wear. After about 4 days I did notice that it did start to look a little streakier than when first applied, but that’s probably the polish just wearing down.

I’m not sure how this compares to OPI Push and Shove. I think it’s less reflective, but I also think that the wear is way better. I was thinking about getting Push and Shove but after reading about the one day wear, I decided against it. I really love this polish and I’m super happy that I finally got it.

I got South Kensington at Sephora for a wopping…. $4.99! It’s $11 at Nordstrom, so definitely check your Sephora before buying it at full price.


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