NOTD: Nebulas!

I haven’t done galaxy nails in about two years! The first and last time I did it was when I was still in college! It was definitely time…


These aren’t true ‘galaxy’ nails, they’re more like nebulas! Still space themed, so it’s okay.

My base is one coat of Zoya Ibiza, and the colors I used for sponging are Zoya Purity (white), Orly Frisky (blue) and Milani Tropical Fiesta (pink). So first I sponged on my white and created the shape I liked. Then I added blue to one side, then pink to the blue, then I just blended the colors, adding more color where I felt necessary, until I liked the look. Once that was set, I added a coat of glitter. I used a Forever 21 glitter with no name, but it has little holo pieces, little green pieces and bigger blue pieces. After that dried, I added white dots and top coat!

Think I want to do a proper galaxy mani in the near future. What do you guys think?



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