Dermaflage Review!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review

I recently got to test out something really cool, it’s called Dermaflage. Dermaflage is a topical perfecting filler aka a cover up for scars. But it’s actually a lot cooler than is sounds.

First, here is a little info:

What is Dermaflage? Unlike makeup, it uses silicone to simulate skin and fill in sunken scars on your face, neck, legs, arms, and other parts of your body. It also works for frown lines between the eyes that make you look worried or angry. And it easily matches your skin‘s tone and color.

  • instantly conceals recessed scars and frown lines
  • waterproof 3D scar filler
  • invented in Hollywood – used by the stars
  • non-irritating, easy 3-step application
  • non-invasive – no injections, no pain
  • clinically & dermatologist tested
  • allergy tested

I received a starter kit in the color Fair.

dermaflageYou can see what the kit includes here (photos below).

dermaflage2Back of the kit which has instructions.

dermaflage3Everything in the kit (there are also extra applications which aren’t pictured).

So how does it work? First you need to prime the area with the primer that is included. While that sets you mix up your cover up. You just squeeze some product out of the tubes, it has two different products which you have to mix together. Once you mix them up, you have about 30 seconds to apply to the skin. Once applied you use that purple pad to set and texturize. Overall, pretty easy process.

I only have one little scar, it’s actually a pock mark from a chicken pock that I picked off as a kid lol. I thought I’d use it for my first test.


As you can see, it does minimize the the appearance of the mark, although doesn’t really cover the discoloration.It definitely smoothed out the area. You can see the edge of the silicone on the after picture because I didn’t put enough pressure on it with the pad.

You need to make sure that you put pressure on the whole area when using the pad or you’ll get edges like I did.

To remove, all you need to do it pick at it a little (lol) and once you get an edge free it just peels off easily. If you have any residue you can use makeup remove to get that off.

Overall, I think this is pretty awesome! I felt like I was on Face Off or something when I was applying it lol. If you have any scars or deep wrinkles, definitely check out the Dermaflage website, they have some more info and more before/after pictures.


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