Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange 2014!

If you love Zoya, like I do, you know that every year they do a special polish exchange for Earth Day.

1056885.Zoya-Nail-Polish_Earthday_2014_webbannerSo the premise of this exchange is that you buy new Zoya polishes, and after you receive them, you send back some old (non-Zoya) bottles of polish that they will properly dispose of for you. There is a minimum of 6 bottles, maximum of 24, and you get 50% off! You still need to pay for shipping though.

Also, if you do decide to send back old bottles of polish (not required), you are responsible for the shipping.

And summer shades are excluded from the sale.

Overall, this is a good time to get your hands on some new polishes for 50% off and get rid of any old polishes properly. I never participate in the Earth Day exchange… it’s just a weird time when I have all the old Zoyas I want and don’t want any new colors. Happens every year.

Will you be participating?


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