Out The Door Inital Review!

While I was at Harmons wasting time the other day, I made one of my only impulse purchases… I grabbed Out The Door fast drying top coat, as I was heading out the door (actually to the register hah).

Not that I needed another top coat, I still have about 3/4 bottle of Seche Vite and a full bottle of Essie Good to Go. But for $3.99 I couldn’t say no.


Here I have two coats of Essie Snap Happy (it’s a little more red in person), and one coat of Out The Door.

The polish itself is thinner, similar to Good to Go. It glides on very nicely, and doesn’t pull as far as I can tell, I’ll have to try it on nail art to be sure though. It sets pretty quickly, but after about two minutes it’s still a little tacky. It took about 10 minutes to be completely dry. It does dry nice and shiny though, no word on wear yet.

Am I converted from Seche or G2G? No. Do I think this is a good top coat? Yes, especially for the price. I will keep using it and keep you guys posted!

What are your favorite top coats?

Oh! Tomorrow is my birthday!! Not sure if I’ll do any birthday nails though.

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