Sally Hansen Batbano Blue Swatches and Review!

As part of my birthday present, my boyfriend bought me some stuff from Harmons.. this was one of them! On two separate occasions, I walked into Harmons, picked up this polish and put it back down, so I’m happy to finally have it.


How beautiful is this?! First and foremost, this picture is a little deceiving… in real life the polish is definitely darker and more of a royal blue color. It’s also a shimmer if you can’t tell from the photo. Such an awesome glowy blue!

The formula on this is nice and smooth, it also covers really well, I have two coats in the picture. It dries quickly and is only minimally streaky. It looks streakier in the photo than it does in real life. It can look a little sheer if you move it around too much, or get a little patchy. A second coat will fix that though.

The one majorly bad thing about this polish is the way it smells. I don’t think I’ve experienced anything like it. It smells absolutely horrendous. Such a shame for such a beautiful color!

I love this color! I actually didn’t have one exactly like it, so I’m really excited… besides that smell…

Anyone else have the same issue with this color?


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