L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review!

You can thank the boyfriend for this one.. this was one of my birthday presents.



First let’s talk about the wand. You can see that it’s a cone shape, thicker on the bottom and thinner at the top. I love this about it because you can get hard to reach lashes in closer to your inner corner very easily. You might also be able to tell that this is one of those bendy wands. I’ve never used one of these bendy wands… I didn’t even know that it was like this until I opened it up for the first time, but I don’t mind it. I actually don’t notice it bending or anything during application.

Formula on this is great in my opinion. It’s not thick or goopy, but it’s very black and gives you lots of length. It can clump a little though, but I usually just do another swipe to separate my lashes. It also sets quickly, so you don’t have to worry about it getting all over your face. It does give some volume, but if I want more volume I’ll apply a more volumizing mascara over top.

I have heard that some people have experienced flaking, I haven’t had any flaking so A+ for that. I also lasts a long time and comes off easily with a makeup wipe.

So all in all, this is my new go to mascara. Love it. Highly recommend it.


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