NOTD: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and mint accent!

If you saw my haul post the other day, you’d know that one of the polishes I got was CG Flip Flop Fantasy.. and of course, I couldn’t not use it right away!


My base is two coats of CG Flip Flip Fantasy. This picture does not do it justice, it’s a neon salmony/coral/peachy color. So amazing. I really thought that it wouldn’t look good on me because I’m so pale, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

For the accent I used CG At Vase Value and some painters tape. I found that the painters tape was better than the matte tapes, but I did find it hard to get a nice, sharp point though. Also added that stud for funsies. Kind of looked like a tree for a minute and I wasn’t crazy about it but it grew on me (punny).

I also found out that Flip Flop Fantasy is an almost matte finish! I did not know this at all and loved it even more for it. So I also used a matte top coat of matte out my accent nail since At Vase Value is not matte.

So, I’m basically in love with Flip Flop Fantasy, totally understand what all the hype is about now lol


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