NOTD: Blue Half Moons and a New Shape!

I finally took the plunge and started my journey into almond nails. I’m still in the initial stages while my nails grow out some more. Also, please forgive me while I experiment with hand positions for this shape.


I definitely over complicated this mani for myself because I really wanted to try and use the hole punch reinforcements… which did not work at all! Anyway, my base color is two coats of China Glaze Manhunt, then I attempted to use the reinforcements and Zoya Avery. When that did not go over to well for me after two nails, I just decided to do the rest freehand. It’s not perfect, but I really loved it.

I did have an issue with the edges of Avery wearing off and seeing Manhunt through it, I had to redo my edges a few times. I also had to add a crap ton of top coat to smooth it out after all the touch ups I had to make.

I really like the color combo, I was kind of holding on to summer with this one haha. What do you guys think?


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