Infinite Aloe Advanced Formula Skin Care Review!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review

I’ve got some lotions from Infinite Aloe today!


From left to right: Special edition, original, fragrance free

Consistency of these is a little thicker than your average cream, thicker than Philosophy Hands of Hope for example. They are non-greasy and absorb really quickly.

The main difference between these is the scent. The original has a jasmine scent, its nice and floral but not too strong after it is applied. The special edition has an interesting scent.. it has a strong almost oatmeal bath smell (like the ones you took when you had chicken pox) but also an underlying scent that’s hard to place. I want to say that it’s floral but a manlier floral, kind of like a floral aftershave or shave soap. The fragrance free has no fragrance but it does have a scent.. it smells like that oatmeal bath also.

Overall I really like these as lotions, I use them on my hands after I shower. You can use them on any dry patches, or all over the body. I wouldn’t suggest using these on the face, especially ones with fragrance. I find myself gravitating toward the original… really love that one!

You can find out more about these, including ingredients and price on the Infinite Aloe website.


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