Infinite Aloe Gold Anti-Aging Formula Review!

Disclaimer: This was sent to me for review


Another Infinite Aloe products for you guys today! And I LOVE this one! Here’s a little about it:

InfiniteAloe Gold’s NanoDelivery System delivers all of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients and Aloe Vera to form the most comprehensive anti-aging cream on the market–by leaps and bounds.

Use it day and night to defeat fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Advanced Deep Hydration allows the ingredients to penetrate the cellular walls and delivery vital life giving nutrients.

SlowRelease technology gives you ’round the clock moisture and tightening.  It is most effective on your face, neck and hands–or where ever your aging is most evident.”

Where to begin? How about the product itself? Well, it’s very thick, thicker than any other moisturizer/lotion that I have ever used. Its so thick that it kind of plasters my eyebrows down lol kind of like a brow gel haha. You only need a little bit, I scoop it up with one finger and that’s enough for my entire face. It it clear in color and has a floral scent, nothing overpowering. It absorbs very quickly, feels lightweight once its absorbed and moisturizers awesomely. Once I left it on for like 20 minutes before doing my makeup and oh ma gawd guys! My face felt so great! haha

I only use it in the morning after I wash my face, I let it sink in then go on to do my makeup as usual. I haven’t seen any difference in age spots or wrinkles… because I don’t happen to have any at my ripe old age of 24.

I’ve been using this every day since I received it and I really love it. I’m super impressed with Infinite Aloe skin care in general… really good quality and great for sensitive skin. I had zero bad reactions to their products.

I do want you guys to be wary… this is a very pricey product. I honestly didn’t even know the price until I grabbed the blurb off of their website, and I was pretty shocked. As much as I love the product, I wouldn’t spend that much money on any kind of skin care, but if you’re not opposed… go for it! For more info, along with the price, check out the Infinite Aloe website.

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