NOTD: Chanel Taboo and Fall Dotticure!

I knew I wanted to use more fall colors, but I was stuck on nail art. I’m usually weary of doing dots… but I love these!


My two bases are Zoya Avery (for the dots) and Chanel Taboo. For the dots I used Zoya Ziv, OPI Amazon Amazoff and Chanel Taboo. I used a dotting tool and vertically dotted. I started in the middle and worked my way out, switching colors. Every dotted nail is actually a little different, I switched up the color pattern for every one. And I was pretty darn excited with it didn’t smudge! I used Essie Good To Go as my top coat.

I wasn’t sure about this going into it but I absolutely love how it came out! I love the color combination and I think the dots look kind of like wrapping paper… if I find one like this I’m totally buying it!

What do you guys think?


6 thoughts on “NOTD: Chanel Taboo and Fall Dotticure!

  1. I am LOVING THIS DANIELLE and you’re right it looks just like wrapping paper!!! I hope you find your wrapping paper!!! HA HA I also LOVE that deep, rich blue. It reminds me of a beautiful, indigo, night sky!!! Just gorgeous!!!

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