Nail Shaping Tips!

As you guys probably know, I took the plunge into almond nails a little while ago and I love them! But it was definitely a learning curve when it comes to shortening, shaping and reshaping my nails. I’m actually just starting to get the hang of it, so I decided to share some tips with you guys!

1. Keep that polish on!

When I had square nails I found it more useful to take off my nail polish before shaping, but I read that a lot of people leave it on. Now that I have these almonds, I totally get it. When you file with the polish on, you’ll be able to see the shape for what it is. File without the polish and you might not notice any unevenness until you polish again.

2. Invest in a good file

For a long time I loved those cheaper files from Harmons.. you know, the double sided ones with  different grits. Then, the boyfriend’s sister got me a mini glass file and it changed my life, it’s my go-to every time. I highly suggest investing in a good glass file, but be wary! Not all glass files are created equal. I bought a big one from Harmons for like $4.99 and it wasn’t good at all, and the worst part is that the grit actually wore away faster than any of my regular files. So do some research first!

3. Get as close to natural light as possible

When it’s dark, all bets are off. My nails can come out super wonky if I don’t have the properly lighting. I’m just starting to get used to shaping in lower light, but the more natural the light the better.

4. Find a contrasting background

When I have dark nails, a dark background will do nothing for me. Everything blends in and I can’t see anything that I’m doing. I refer to keep my nails light and my background dark when filing and shaping.

Do you guys have any filing/shaping tips? Please share if you do!


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