Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette!

For Christmas I finally got my Vice 3 Palette! I know you’ve probably seen it like a bajillion times, but I had to share anyway!

vice3Here’s the box.

vice32This is the pouch that I was super excited about. It’s great for carrying the actual palette, or you could use it for brushes!

vice33  SO PRETTY!


Even prettier! Love the mix of brights, neutrals, shimmers and mattes. This is a great all-in-one for day looks, night looks, neutral looks and bright looks. Basically anything you want, you can do with this palette. It also comes with a double ended shader/blender brush.

My main reason for wanting this palette was that pink column. I have no pink eyeshadows and I love the range of pink to burgundy. Also the fact that it has matte shades is great. So, I’m basically obsessed lol

What did you get for Christmas that you’re super excited about?


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