ILNP Supernova Swatches and Review!

If you haven’t seen ILNP’s new Ultra Chrome Flakies you need to get on the website ASAP and check them out. I started out only wanting to buy 2, but with the help of some other bloggers, I ended up getting 5. Mind you, there are 13!

This is the first one I fell in love with the second I saw swatches… so, a warning: a little swatch heavy!





Supernova2But , come on! How amazing is it?! This is two coats of Supernova over two coats of Zoya Raven. This polish is jam packed with these awesome multichrome flakies. The website said you can get full opacity with 4ish coats, but I haven’t tried that yet. This one shifts from an emerald green to teal to purple, pink and even orange/gold at extreme angles.

It dries super fast and the flakies lay nice and flat, so the polish stays smooth, especially after a top coat. I’ve had it on for three days, did a lot of dishes and no chips so far! Ignore the minor tip wear you see, because that’s from filing lol

Anyway… this is so beautiful! I’ve been nonstop staring at my nails since I applied it. I basically look at all five of my polishes at various times during the day because they are just so pretty. I can’t wait to try the others!

Have you tried these yet? What are your favorites?

Oh, and I’m obsessed with the ILNP packaging. The boxes and bottles are beautiful, and they even came wrapped in ILNP tissue paper! Probably the best indie packaging I’ve seen yet.


2 thoughts on “ILNP Supernova Swatches and Review!

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