Manic Panic Purple Haze Initial Use and Review!

So, maybe 5-6 weeks ago I went in to get my hair dyed purple! Which I think is part of my quarter-life crisis haha. I wanted a brown to purple ombre so I wouldn’t have to worry about my roots anymore. I went to the salon because I had to bleach my ends and didn’t want to risk doing that myself. It took about 4 hours but I finally had my purple hair! The problem? It faded super fast, I mean, now that I think about it it really faded in the appropriate amount of time, since you really should go to the salon every 4-6 weeks. Anyway, I started watching a lot of Youtube videos and realized that I could probably re-purple my hair myself, and I decided Manic Panic would be my accomplice.

So here is my hair before….

manicpanicPretty darn faded. It looks more orange in the picture, but in real life it was pinkier. I was hoping it would fade into a lilac/lavender color, which would have been great, but that did not happen. Oh and please ignore that purple piece.. it was a patch test lol

To prep my hair (as seen above) I just washed it with shampoo and let it air dry, no conditioner because the Manic Panic kind of acts as a leave in.

I decided to use the dye straight out of the container for most of my hair, and used dye mixed with conditioner for the very ends, just to see if I could create an ombre. I applied my color with my hands, in gloves, of course. I started at the bottom of my hair, clipping up most of it and working in sections until everything was colored. Then I separated it into two sections and stuck those in plastic bags, tied, and let hang out for an hour.

Once the hour was up, I rinsed in very cold water until the water ran clear and sprayed in some leave in conditioner for good measure.

Here are my results…

manicpanic2Pretty purple! Much more purple than I had before! It’s a really interesting color because in the sun (above) it’s much moire violety, but in different lighting it looks legit purple, some pieces even look almost blue.. and I’m totally loving that!

I think it was definitely worth doing myself.I saved a LOT of money and I didn’t even use half of the tub of dye, so I have enough for at least one more use. And it actually is very moisturizing, my hair felt nice and soft afterwards, my ends even felt less dry and more manageable! Super plus!

Keep in mind that the dye does stain! So wear an old shirt when doing this. It did stain my hands a little bit, but that actually washed off without my realizing it. The biggest issue I had with staining was my bathroom counter! It’s white, and I didn’t even see how much dye got everywhere until I was cleaning up. I was trying to find a way to remove it on the internet but didn’t find anything so my brain decided to combine bleach and baking soda… and voila! So if you get it on a white counter, just mix some bleach and baking soda and scrub that sucker.

It also still stained my hands a little bit if I touched the hair too much, might be because I didn’t wash it out well enough, I’m not sure.

Regardless, I’m loving the purple, what do you guys think? Have you used Manic Panic before?


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