NOTD: A Little Bit Of Everything!

What happens when you can’t decide on one thing? This…

neonpastelskittlesThere’s a lot going on here lol. My pointer is two coats of Zoya Purity topped with Orly Glowstick. My middle finger is two coats of MAC Mischievous Mint topped with a Mischievous Mint and Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac saran wrap marble, and that is topped with a Milani Black Magic dry brush and then I added an outline of Zoya Ziv. That one was very complicated lol. My ring finger is two coats of Lacey Lilac with a gold foil gradient. And finally, my pinky is two coats of Mischievous Mint with a single stud! Everything is topped with Essie Good To Go.

I really liked these! It surprised me a little bit haha I love how the saran warp marble topped with dry brush kind of looks like a stone, and of course, everything is better with a little neon. What do you guys think?


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