My Hair Experiment!

If you read my blog regularly, you might remember my Manic Panic Purple Haze review Well, recently I got tired of the purple. So I decided to do an experiment and mix up my own color!

hairexperimenthairexperiment2Woo! I still had about a third of my tub of Purple Haze,  and I ended up grabbing Manic Panic Vampire Red and Hot Hot Pink at Sally’s. My mix was about a 1:1:.5 of Vampire Red, Hot Hot Pink and Purple Haze. So there was less Purple Haze and about equal parts Vampire Red And Hot Hot Pink. I basically just eyeballed it until it looked like a decent color. I had no idea what it would look like lol. So I left it on for an hour and washed it out in cold water.

Unlike straight Purple Haze… this mix refused to fully wash out. The water would not run clear. I think I washed it out for a good 15 minutes and I was still getting light pink water, I gave up soon after that. But also unlike Purple Haze… I didn’t get any color rubbing off! The first time I used Purple Haze and didn’t fully wash it out, my hands and nails turned purple if I touched my hair too much, I’m getting any of that this time.

I also got a much more even color this time, it’s probably because I used more dye, and made sure all my hair was very saturated.

I also washed it for the first time yesterday, and I got some bleeding, which is to be expected. I decided not to wash it in cold water, like I was doing before, because that was a process and I didn’t feel like doing that. So, I washed it in cool water, not too cold, so I could actually take a normal shower. Washed my hair with my L’Oreal Everpure for color, and then deep conditioned with OGX Renewing Treatment, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil. I was worried that the color would fade, but I’m happy to say that I can only see a minor difference! I think more pink ran off than anything, but it’s still very vibrant and hardly faded, if at all.

So I’m definitely liking this mix and this color, in general. I think it goes much better with my natural brown hair, even though I couldn’t blended it a little but better lol. What do you think?


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