ILNP Supernova + Phoenix!

I’ve been in a rut, I’m kind of over summer colors yet not ready for fall. So what do I do when I’m in a rut? Add glitter, of course! In this case, I added flakies…

SupernovePhoenix SupernovePhoenix2SupernovePhoenix3I have a base coat of Zoya Raven, then one coat of ILNP Phoenix, one coat of Supernova over than and then another coat of Phoenix. Phoenix is a purple/pink/orange multichrome and Supernova is a green/blue/purple multichrome. I thought they’d look really cool layered over each other and I was right! I love all the different colors you get when you layer them.

Straight on you get that green and purple, very Maleficent-y, then you get the shifts of more purple/pink, red/orange. They kind of remind me of dragon eggs! I also added a coat of Essie Good To Go over top.

What do you guys think?


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