Proclaim White Super Bond Hair Glue for Nail Art Initial Thoughts!

If you browse nail art in Instagram, you’ve probably seem a multitude of videos using liquid latex for clean up. It looks awesome, but it’s pretty expensive, around $22. So I did some research and found an alternative!


Hair glue! I read that this stuff works just as well as the liquid latex and only costs around $2 at Sally’s!

For my first attempt, I decided to actually fill an empty polish bottle with the glue so I could apply it with a brush. My first warning… this stuff smells awful! Absolutely terrible, so don’t go sticking your face too close to it. After I got over the smell, I applied it to each finger and let it set up, which took about 2 minutes.

Once it was set, I sponged on a bunch of glitter and peeled off the glue. It comes off very easily, it does dry clear though, so it can be difficult to see. You could probably add some color pigment to it so you can see it better once it’s dry.

Make sure to put on a decently thick coat, otherwise it’ll be too thin and will rip when you remove it. Thicker coats come off much easier.

Overall,so far, I think this is a great cheap alternative. I’ll keep testing and update you guys later!

Have you used this or liquid latex for nail art? Opinions? Suggestions?


One thought on “Proclaim White Super Bond Hair Glue for Nail Art Initial Thoughts!

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