NOTD: Dry Marbling!

I really wanted to do some water marbling, but epic failed. So, I decided to attempt dry marbling!

drymarble2Instead of trying to dry marble on the actual nail, I decided to try making some nail polish stickers! Kind of like reverse stamping. So what I did was take a piece of parchment paper, then used Zoya Ziv, Remy and Belinda to make the marble. I painted a square of Ziv, then did stripes in the order of Belinda, Ziv, Remy, Ziv and then created the pattern by dragging a dotting tool through all the polishes. Then I let them dry overnight so I’d be able to remove them.

Once they were dry, I gently peeled them from the parchment, trimmed them and ten applied to the nail, just like you would a reverse stamp. And topped them off with Essie Good to Go.  drymarbleAnd this is what I got! The pointer and middle looked really good! The ring and pinky and kind of rough. I also had a tough time with cleanup because of all the glitter lol. I think I’d stick with less glittery polishes next time, and maybe something that looks less like Mardi Gras. What do you guys think?


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