Neiru Workshop Challenge 1: Winter Cross Stitch!

So I signed up for a Neiru workshop! We had our first lesson on Friday and then had until Sunday morning to recreate the look in our own way. Here is what I came up with!

wintercrossstitchThey do suggest that you use gel polishes for these looks, but I don’t have any and I wasn’t going to make a $100 investment for 3 lessons lol so I took the plunge with regular polishes. It’s definitely a little more difficult, but doable.

My base is two coats of Zoya Chantal. For cross stitch nail, the texture in the background (which is done by sponging with a paper towel) I used Zoya Purity, Willa, Blair and Essie Leggy Legend. For the lines, I mixed Willa with some clear polish to make a sheer black. For the gold lines I used Zoya Ziv. Then I filled in the tops  of my middle, pointer and pinky with Willa and added some gold striping tape. I decided to keep the ring finger simple with a single stud.

I’m honestly pretty impressed with myself lol I absolutely love how the cross stitch came out, it looks pretty close to the lesson nail. I would definitely use this technique again and I might even want to start looking into using gel polishes!

What do you guys think? Do any of you prefer gel polish over regular polish?


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