NOTD: Metallic Ruffian!

I’ve been in a serious rut lately, hence all the sale posts. But I had a holiday party coming up, so I had to do something! I decided to recreate an oldie, but goodie (I actually did my nails once last week, but it photographed horribly so I never posted it. Sigh).


Ahh something simple. My base is one coat of Nails Inc Chelsea Bridge Road, and then I went over top with Zoya Chantal to create the ruffian.

I did a mani like a few years ago, back when my nails were square! I hardly even remember those days. But anyway, I liked it then and I like it now!

So, hopefully this gets me slightly out of my rut. Honestly, I think it’s because I know I’m getting a bunch of ILNP polishes for Christmas and I just want them! Nothing else is inspiring me lol. What do you do to get out of a rut?


2 thoughts on “NOTD: Metallic Ruffian!

    • Thank you! I’m sure you could find a tutorial, it’s called a ruffian. It’s super easy, just paint your nail one color, then paint over it with another color, just don’t go all the way to the cuticle.

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