Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin Swatches and Review!

So, the boyfriend outdid himself for Christmas and got me the Louboutin lipstick!

louboutinrougesilkysatinlouboutinrougesilkysatin2The packaging! It’s amazing. I started unwrapping it, saw that red stripe and I was basically speechless lol. The lipstick itself looks like an ornament, it’s so beautiful.


So, the Louboutin lipsticks come in three formulas, this is the Silky Satin formula in the classic Rouge Louboutin color, the same color that goes on the soles of all his shoes. It’s a really nice true red, very flattering to every skin tone.

The Silky Satin formula is a full coverage, glossy formula. It glides on easily and is super smooth. I found that it felt very comfortable on the lips, not drying at all. The color is buildable so you can go more sheer with it, or go opaque. I found that it lasted well, I wore it for about 7 hours on Christmas day. I was eating and drinking, so it obviously faded. I think it started becoming noticeable around hour 5, and was mostly a stain by hour 7.

Overall, I really like the lipstick. I love the packaging, and the color and quality are great. Is this for everyone? With a $90 price tag, definitely not. But if you love lipsticks and want to splurge, this may be right up your alley.

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