Sally Hansen Big Shiny Topcoat vs Essie Good To Go

I’ve heard good things about Sally Hansen Big Shiny Topcoat, so I decided to pick it up last time I was in Ulta. Then I put it to the test against my go-to, Essie Good To Go.


So, all nails have two coats of Zoya Kristen, then my pointer and ring have Big Shiny and middle and pinky have Good To Go.

What did I think? At a glance, I couldn’t tell the difference. Big Shiny takes a little longer to dry, but that’s the only thing. After a few days wear, they were still the same amount of shiny and had the same amount of tip wear.

I didn’t try Big Shiny on any kind of nail art, so I’m not sure if it would smudge anything.

Overall, I expected to see some difference, not really sure why lol. They are pretty much the same besides dry time. I think Big Shiny is cheaper, so if you’re looking for a new top coat and don’t mind sitting around for an extra few minutes, give Big Shiny a try.

Have you tried Sally Hansen Big Shiny Topcoat?


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