It’s a 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Conditioner Review!

I’ve been solely using this for a couple of weeks now, so I decided it was time for a review!

it's a 10 silk

I mentioned this in my last hair care update, but I hadn’t used it enough for a full review. But it is now time! So let’s get to it…

Starting with scent, it smells great, as all It’s a 10 products do. Consistency is pretty thick, maybe just a little thinner than their hair mask.

For application, I apply it after I shampoo and leave it in for 3-5 minutes then rinse out. I definitely feel a difference right away after I rinse it out. My hair is much smoother and softer. Then I just towel dry, comb through and let it air dry. Combing is great, no tangles!

One of the benefits of this conditioner is that it actually helps your hair dry faster. At first, I was a bit concerned that my hair was drying so fast, but then I read the back of the container lol. Once it’s dry, it’s definitely nice and soft, especially after I brush it out.

I also find that my hair stays softer longer. With other conditioners, it would dry out again after three days, this one keeps my hair nice and soft and hydrated. I also noticed that the more you use it, the better it works. The first time I tried it, I as like ‘meh’, but as I kept using it, I liked it more and more.

If you like It’s a 10 products, I’d definitely recommend trying this one out!

What’s your favorite conditioner?

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