IT Cosmetics Sunshine In A Compact Swatches and Review!

Press Sample

As I am just starting to actually enjoy using bronzer, I was super excited to get this one!


Love the packaging! The font, the frosted matte cover.


Even the actual powder is cute, reminds me of the sun… which is probably the point lol


This is a matte bronzer, no sparkle at all. It’s a little on the orangey side when packed on (and I packed it on for this swatch). When you blend it out, you get a really nice, soft, warmed up look. I’m very pale so this perfectly warms up my face so I don’t look sickly after all my foundation and concealer is on lol. It has just enough color for the upcoming warmer weather. It blends easily, and you can build up the color if you like a stronger bronze. It’s perfect for adding color all over your face, it might be a little too orange for contour though.

I’m loving this bronzer, even though the weather took a very cold turn lately, it reminds me that summer is on the way. If you’re pale, I highly suggest checking this one out.


2 thoughts on “IT Cosmetics Sunshine In A Compact Swatches and Review!

  1. I have been looking or this online and at Ulta. I am assuming it hasn’t released yet and was sent as PR because I have seen a lot about it on Youtube and Snapchat and a few blogs. Do you have any idea when it will be available?

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