Lush Cup O’ Coffee Review!

Found my new favorite face mask/ exfoliator….


So this is a face and body mask, but when you’re in a pinch you can also use it as an exfoliator.

I say we start with the scent… it’s amazing, it smells like coffee! Perfect for those groggy mornings. It actually has ground coffee in it, so it’s a gritter texture. It’s not as gritty as Ocean Salt, for reference. I usually like finer particles in my facial products, but this is very gentle and I’ve had no problems with my skin not liking it.

I’ll use it as a mask on weekends, when I have the time to leave it on for 15 minutes. I’ll also use it during the week  if I’m feeling tired in the morning, and I’ll just leave it on while I brush my teeth. I haven’t used it on my  body yet, but I definitely want to try it on my legs when it gets warm enough to hang out in shorts.

Overall, I love this. I’m ready to repurchase it as soon as I run out!

What are some of your favorite face masks?


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