My Favorite Lip Colors for Fall!


Well, it officially feels like fall, and I’m so ready for sweaters, boots and fall makeup! So today, I though I’d share some of my favorite lip colors to wear in the fall!


The quintessential fall/winter lip shade. The classic vampy red is perfect for the fall/winter season, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing it all over Instagram very soon. I love to pair a vampy lip with a strong cat eye. One of my favorites is NYX Alabama.


I love a good nude lipstick! Nude is perfect for day or nice, subtle or bold looks. I like using nude lipsticks any time I want to draw attention to my eyes. One to check out is Coquette by Lime Crime.

Dark berry

Dark berry shades are perfect for fall. While oxblood is more brown based, berries are more pink based. This is another great one to pair with a simpler eye look. If you’re looking for a really dark, berry toned lippie, I suggest NYX Vixen.


I’ve recently come to love brown shades, and I think they are perfect for fall, especially if you’re looking for a more 90s, grungy look. Sometimes I’ll use browns in place of nudes, and I especially love them with a metallic eye. My  favorite is Urban Decay 1993.

So, there you have it! My favorite lip shades for fall, and now that it’s really hitting 60 degree weather, I’m so ready to wear all of them! what are some of your favorite shades for fall?



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