Black Friday Zoya Haul!

Woo! I got my Black Friday Zoya order about a week or so ago, so I thought I’d share it with you!


I ended up with 9 polishes, the first 5 are from the fall/winter Urban Grunge collection, but here are all the polishes that I got:

  • August- Blue toned grey
  • Mallory- Prussian blue
  • Merida- Evergreen with scattered holo
  • Alicia- Linear holo with a touch of gold
  • Finely- Royal purple with scattered holo
  • Eastyn- Greyed mauve
  • Ireland- Muted olive green
  • Purity- Pure white
  • Willa- Black

Mallory and August from Urban Grunge are their new one coat cream formulation. So, you should be able to get fully opaque coverage with one coat. I did try both of them, and you totally can pull it off in one coat, but I always prefer two thinner coats, that’s just me. They do dry super fast, so if you’re a one coater, these polishes can get you out the door even faster. They’re both beautiful, smooth, even formulas.

When I saw that Zoya had come out with a polish called Merida, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to have it. It’s so pretty and perfect for the holidays. I’d probably buy it for the name, regardless of the color though lol. Letting my Disney nerd flag fly!

I saw live swatches of the entire collection before I decided on anything and Finely completely stood out because it’s basically a galaxy in a bottle. Same thing with Alicia, I saw the live swatch and needed it!

The last two actual colors were Eastyn and Ireland. Originally I was going to get Rue, but it was sold out at the time. I ended up looking at so many swatches to see what I should get as a replacement and found Eastyn, which I ended up liking better because it was less pink than Rue. I also realized that there is a huge gap in my collection and I didn’t have a proper olive green, so Ireland came to be mine!

And finally, any time there is a Zoya promo, I usually end up getting another Willa and Purity. They are my favorite black and white polishes, so I like to be stocked up at all times.

So that’s that. Honestly, I would have totally bought more if I could’ve decided on colors. The deal was too good to pass up. Make sure you keep an eye out for Zoya deals over the holidays, they usually have some BOGO deals, promos and free shipping.

Did you get anything from Zoya for Black Friday?


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