Smile Direct Club Update

Oh hey! So, I’m about a week into my third set of aligners, and I figured it was time for an update!

Sets 1 and 2 went pretty smoothly, I’ve gotten the hang of seating the aligners. I did have some longer periods of not wearing my second set because of all the holidays, so I wore them an extra 4 days to make up for it. Now, I switch them out every other Thursday night.

It definitely helps me to switch them at night, because of the seating process. Sleeping in them the first night really helps, and I find that I don’t need the chewies as much the next day.

I do need to file each new set. The edges are a bit sharp at first, so the emery board is really helpful.

The sets are feeling tight when I first put them on, but I get used to them pretty quickly. It is normal for them to get loose as you wear them. I’m bad and tend to fidget with them as they get loose. I like to lift/shift them, which is a very bad habit! I’m trying to stop doing it.

I read that some people’s teeth hurt so much that they didn’t wan to eat… I have not experienced this lol. My teeth did hurt with aligners 2 and 3, because of the pressure added to them, but I just modified how I chew and went on my way. It’s still early on in the process, so I’m anticipating more pain later on.

Something I have noticed… the case can start to smell a bit if you don’t wash it. So, make sure you wash your case! I just use dish soap and hot water, and also make sure to get the chewies rinsed too.

In terms of getting new aligners, I have already received sets 4-8 and a new set of chewies and new emery board. So I’m set for quite some time. They do send you an email when they send out the new aligners with tracking, not sure if there is any rhyme or reason to when they send them out. Oh, I also received an email from Smile Direct Club right after I switched to my second set, it was a follow up email asking some standard questions. I’m assuming they will send those periodically.

I’m not noticing any differences with my teeth just yet, but I do have 7 months to go lol. Overall, so far so good. I’m definitely more used to having the aligners in and they don’t bother me as much. I will update you again, maybe around set 6.

Have any of you tried Smile Direct Club or Invisalign? What were your experiences?


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