Life Update!

It’s been awhile.

I’m going to try to change that.

I thought I’d start with a general life update.

Well, last June, I got engaged and then the madness started. We started wedding planning and house hunting at the same time.. horrible idea unless you are a brilliant multitasker, which obviously, neither of us are.

The wedding planning got on every single one of my nerves, I could not stand it, so after three venue visits, I decided no more for me and we started focusing on the finding a place to live.

We were looking to rent, and finally found a place that we really liked. The day we were going to put in our application, my parents decided to throw a wrench in our plans.

They finally realized that a wedding wasn’t for us, I had no interest in planning one, not even in talking about planning one. So instead of pushing the subject, they offered to help us with a down payment for a house instead (very thankful to them for that). So the house hunting began.

My fiance and I aren’t very productive people when we don’t have a direction, which is exactly what happened with this process. The realtor he wanted to use was away planning his son’s wedding in Greece, then my parents went on a European cruise… we seemed to be the only ones left in the US… totally lost.

We started going out with a realtor friend of his, lets keep in mind that this kid was a part time realtor/part time bartender (insert confused emoji).

We went out to see all the foreclosures, I don’t think he took us to see anything else. There were things we liked, the fiance was quick to like everything, I’m not so easily pleased. We did see a really nice flip, but not in the town we wanted. I didn’t get the right feeling from any of the places. My gut knows what’s up, I tend to listen to it.

We found one property that we did like, we could potentially see it working for us. My parents had come back so we decided to take my dad and his parents to see it. I wish you could have been with me in the car home. It was a disaster. I mean,  you could see it on everyone’s face when we were there and I still wasn’t totally feeling it, but they were all being very polite in front of this ‘realtor’.

To make a long story short, that did not work out. We decided against it.. luckily.

A few more houses here and there, we brought his parents and aunt and uncle to one.. we found mold and a crumbling foundation… that was a no go.

After that, the original realtor finally came back from Greece. My dad was also eager to go out with us, he claimed that we would find the right place in a day. Challenge accepted.

The ‘realtor’ wasn’t available the day we wanted to go out, so we went with original realtor and my parents to see 4/5 properties. I hate to say when my dad is right because he does get a big head… but he was right. The second property we walked in to… all of us knew.

That night we made an offer, almost got into a bidding war, and moved in on December 23rd. I think the whole process was about a month and a half, it was super fast.

So, it’s been 4 months, we love it. The downstairs is done, the upstairs.. well, that’s a work in progress. It’s been a bit of  whirlwind, with moving, holidays, family, the house… but it’s getting there.

I’m definitely going to try and make more time for writing now that I finally feel settled enough.

Oh! A word of warning! Do not use the noob realtor… go with someone good.



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