Manic Panic Purple Haze Initial Use and Review!

So, maybe 5-6 weeks ago I went in to get my hair dyed purple! Which I think is part of my quarter-life crisis haha. I wanted a brown to purple ombre so I wouldn’t have to worry about my roots anymore. I went to the salon because I had to bleach my ends and didn’t want to risk doing that myself. It took about 4 hours but I finally had my purple hair! The problem? It faded super fast, I mean, now that I think about it it really faded in the appropriate amount of time, since you really should go to the salon every 4-6 weeks. Anyway, I started watching a lot of Youtube videos and realized that I could probably re-purple my hair myself, and I decided Manic Panic would be my accomplice.

So here is my hair before….

manicpanicPretty darn faded. It looks more orange in the picture, but in real life it was pinkier. I was hoping it would fade into a lilac/lavender color, which would have been great, but that did not happen. Oh and please ignore that purple piece.. it was a patch test lol

To prep my hair (as seen above) I just washed it with shampoo and let it air dry, no conditioner because the Manic Panic kind of acts as a leave in.

I decided to use the dye straight out of the container for most of my hair, and used dye mixed with conditioner for the very ends, just to see if I could create an ombre. I applied my color with my hands, in gloves, of course. I started at the bottom of my hair, clipping up most of it and working in sections until everything was colored. Then I separated it into two sections and stuck those in plastic bags, tied, and let hang out for an hour.

Once the hour was up, I rinsed in very cold water until the water ran clear and sprayed in some leave in conditioner for good measure.

Here are my results…

manicpanic2Pretty purple! Much more purple than I had before! It’s a really interesting color because in the sun (above) it’s much moire violety, but in different lighting it looks legit purple, some pieces even look almost blue.. and I’m totally loving that!

I think it was definitely worth doing myself.I saved a LOT of money and I didn’t even use half of the tub of dye, so I have enough for at least one more use. And it actually is very moisturizing, my hair felt nice and soft afterwards, my ends even felt less dry and more manageable! Super plus!

Keep in mind that the dye does stain! So wear an old shirt when doing this. It did stain my hands a little bit, but that actually washed off without my realizing it. The biggest issue I had with staining was my bathroom counter! It’s white, and I didn’t even see how much dye got everywhere until I was cleaning up. I was trying to find a way to remove it on the internet but didn’t find anything so my brain decided to combine bleach and baking soda… and voila! So if you get it on a white counter, just mix some bleach and baking soda and scrub that sucker.

It also still stained my hands a little bit if I touched the hair too much, might be because I didn’t wash it out well enough, I’m not sure.

Regardless, I’m loving the purple, what do you guys think? Have you used Manic Panic before?

My Current Hair Routine!

I recently switched up my hair routine! About three weeks ago I bleached and dyed my ends purple so I knew I’d need to change up my routine to help my hair out.

First and foremost, I now do a coconut oil pre-wash

077890377000I did do a post about my initial thought a little while back, you can check that out here. I think it definitely makes my hair shinier, but I haven’t really seen a huge difference so far. But, to be honest, I haven’t been paying close attention… I’ll have to get on that lol

I also changed my shampoo!

500I learned that my shampoo had sulfates, womp womp, so I decided to switch to something sulfate-free. I really like this so far, not sure if the lack of sulfates really makes a difference BUT I love the scent! Although sometimes it does make me kind of hungry… coconut mixed with rosemary haha

I’ve also started using a few different conditioners on somewhat of a rotation. My normal conditioner is SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Conditioner.

My hairstylist gave me a bottle of this and the shampoo for my birthday last year, and I liked it so much that I ordered a big bottle of it (you can find it on Amazon). It also has a rosemary-ish scent, which I really like and it leaves my hair nice and soft, which I need.
Sometimes I’ll use it alone, but sometimes I’ll also add some Pantene Overnight Miracle!
300I remember the first time I saw the commercial for this with Zooey Deschanel and something possessed me to go out and get it… and I fell in love from first use. It really does leave your hair really silky and soft and I love that I can just sleep in it and not be bothered with anything else. Sometimes I’ll use just this as my conditioner, but recently I’ve been starting to use it mid-week. On a night when I don’t wash my hair (which is most, because I only wash my hair once/twice a week), I’ll dampen my hair and add this stuff right before I go to bed. It just refreshes my ends and add lots of moisture.
If I’m going for a deep conditioner, I have to go with It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask.
1383435_it4__43395_zoomThis will forever be one of my favorite deep conditioners, if not my all time favorite. I like to leave in on for about 30 minutes, and when I wash it out my hair feels silky and soft and manageable!
I’ve also been rotating between a couple of serum/creams. The one I use most often is good old Biosilk!
14229282I’ve been using Biosilk for a long time now and it never fails me. You can use it on wet or dry hair, I prefer dry. It absorbs nicely, adds great shine and enhances your hair texture. When I do my overnight waves technique (lol) I like to brush my hair out in the morning to loosen the waves, then add a good amount of Biosilk, which keep my waves from getting frizzy and just tames them and helps them stay pretty all day!
The other product that I use is SH-RD Protein Hair Mask!
91f2EeVE13L._SL1500_This one was another suggestion from my hair stylist.. he uses it on everyone! The good thing about this product is that a little goes a seriously long way. I’ve had mine for over a year, maybe longer, and I’ve hardly made a dent. I especially like to use this on my ends, it adds a lot of moisture. When I do my over night waves, I pin up my hair, and before I do that I put a bunch of this right on the ends so they don’t dry out too much overnight. You can use this on wet or dry hair, I like to use it on damp hair.
Phew, almost done! The last thing I want to share is my new favorite dry shampoo… Batiste Strength & Shine!
16986870You know how some dry shampoos leave your roots looking dusty? This does not do that! I have dark hair.. so that whitish residue was not a good look for me. I really didn’t like to add shine cream, because that’s just too many products for me (because ONE more would make such a huge difference lol). Anyway, this does not leave your roots looking grey and dull, so it’s a major winner in my book!
It feels like a lot, but when I remember that I don’t use all these things at once it doesn’t seem so bad. What are some of your current favorite hair products?

Isabella’s Clearly FREE Review!

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me for review

I’ve been changing up my hair routine recently. I was using a shampoo with sulfates, and that plus our hard water started to dry out my scalp. It actually ended up being good timing because I got to test out Isabella’s Clearly FREE!

A little about it:

“Clearly FREE will keep your scalp healthy and dandruff-free. The 100% essential oil formula contains a unique array of natural ingredients which will leave your scalp soft, hydrated and flake-free. With extended use, this unique mix of essential oils will protect your scalp and eliminate dryness over time. It take minutes to apply and sets you free.

It’s the perfect solution for rejuvenating the scalp. Just a few drops will help you be dandruff free. It’s not “Magic”, but you might think it is.

Here is what you can expect: • Moisturizes and nourishes dry scalp • Protects scalp from dryness • Relieves itching • 100% natural essential oil ingredients”

Here are the ingredients: A proprietary blend of Jojoba, Manuka, Chamomile, Tea tree, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Basil, Lavender, Lemon, Cedar wood, and Cypress essential oils. Free of Sulfates, Phthalates, Paraben, DEA, Formaldehyde and PEG.

It’s also never tested on animals and 100% vegan!

Lets start with scent. If you read the list of ingredients you can guess that this smells very herby. It can be a little overwhelming, so it’s a good thing you only need a little bit of product. The product itself is like a serum, with a nice pump dispenser. You don’t get too much with each pump, so it’s easy to control the amount you need/want.

So the directions say to wash and towel dry hair, then take some products on your fingers and massage into scalp, then you can dry and style as usual. I thought it was interesting that you would put oil in your hair after it was washed, I was pretty suspicious, but I did it anyway and waited for my hair to dry. Unfortunately my suspicions rang true and this left my roots very greasy. I had to try and wipe off as much as I could and then added a lot of dry shampoo on top of that.

Honestly, I would not use this product after I washed my hair. I think it would be a much better idea to use this as a pre-wash treatment. I am currently doing that with coconut oil for my ends, so I think I may add this into the mix for my scalp. I’ll definitely do an update once I test that out.

Coconut Oil Pre-wash Initial Thoughts!

I decided it was time to switch up my hair routine!

A little background on my hair… I’ve been coloring it for a long while now, and I have pretty dry ends. I might be bleaching said ends this weekend for a plummy ombre, so I really needed something to add lots of moisture. My normal routine includes a shampoo and conditioner recommended by my hair guy and some hair serums, like Biosilk. My hair guy actually gave me the shampoo and conditioner for my last birthday and when I ran out, I decided to buy it on Amazon because I could get a bigger size for cheaper. What I didn’t realize is that the shampoo I got from Amazon has sulfates! GASP! But I used it for a while anyway, then I started to find my scalp getting really dry. It might be from sulfates, or our hard water, or both. So it was time for a change.

I present to you… coconut oil!

This is the one I got… it is Wegmans brand extra virgin unrefined coconut oil.

So coconut oil is a little weird, it comes in a tub and it’s solid. Some blogs recommend microwaving it to melt it, I just rubbed it in my hands until it melted. It was a little messier, but worked.

I started by parting my hair into two sections and just working the oil in starting from my ends going up. Then I flipped my hair over, and made sure that I got every strand. Then I added a little bit to my scalp and roots, and finally extra on my ends. Then I put it up, threw on a shower cap and went about my business for an hour.

To go along with this, I also bought a sulfate-free shampoo. I opted for L’Oreal EverPure Moisture Shampoo, which is part of the Color Care System.

So after the hour was up, I washed my hair as I normally would. I did double shampoo, just to ensure that I got all the oil out of my roots. I lightly shampooed my ends for the same reason. Then conditioned, and that was it!

I was nervous about my hair being really oily, but I had no oily residue, just super shiny hair! I really tried not to brush it too much and just let it dry as it would naturally. I did add some hair serum when it was damp, just to reduce frizz. Also, I left my hair as it was, no styling. I usually do an overnight no-heat curling thing, but I decided against it just to test what my hair would be like.

Overall, I like the results so far. My hair is nice and shiny, and the color is more vibrant. It’s really soft, my ends are still a tad dry, but I do have a bunch of split ends that need trimming. So far no change in my scalp, but I wouldn’t expect that (or the dry ends) to change overnight.

I’m definitely going to keep doing this, probably once a week and I’ll write another update in a month or so!

Have you guys done any pre-washes? Thoughts?

Just Natural Leave-In Conditioner Review!

Disclaimer: This was sent to me for review

Another Just Natural products that I recently got to test out is their Leave-in Conditioner.



You can see that this is another all natural product, ingredients pictured above.

So where to start? How about scent? I really like the smell of this. It’s much more herbal, not medicinal like the cuticle oil. Texture is thinner than say the It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask. The directions say that you should leave the product in and style as usual. I usually let my hair air dry, so the first time I used it I just let it sit in my hair. After about 15 minutes I noticed something weird… it wasn’t getting absorbed into my hair at all. It was sitting there like it needed to get washed out, so that’s what I did.

I definitely think that you need to wash it out of your hair, it’s more of a deep conditioner than an actual leave-in-and-style. Also noticed that it doesn’t detangle, kind of a bummer because it is a conditioner, which usually detangle just fine.

Just for reference I have normally slightly wavy hair, its thin to average, a little above my mid back and colored.

It does leave my hair pretty soft and doesn’t weigh it down. There is a slight frizzing issue, but that might be because I went to bed with wet hair (normally don’t do that). I’m going to keep trying this product and play around with teh amount of conditioner and the amount of time is sits in my hair.

So you get 16 fl oz for $26.99, which is pretty good for a leave-in treatment. Just for comparison, you get 8 fl oz of the It’s A 1o hair mask for around $30.

If you want more details about this and other products you can check it out on the Just Natural Website.