Artis Brush Oval 8 Review!

If you frequent beauty accounts on Instagram, you’ve probably seen these weird oval shaped brushes. I had to see what all the hype was about so I got myself one! I chose the Artis Oval 8.


The box, it’s like the box you get when you get a new iPhone lol


Brush in the box. There’s definitely a lot more here than your average brush packaging.


The entire brush. The handle is very comfortable, and it actually has a bit of bend to it. So when you use it, it bends a bit with the contours of your face for better application.


Side view of the brush, you can see that its pretty flat.


The brush head. It’s very densely packed, which helps it the brush distribute product without it sinking into the brush.

I’ve been using this with a few different liquid foundations. I’ve used it with the It Cosmetics CC Cream and Illumination CC Cream and Urban Decay Naked Skin. I find this brush is the perfect size for foundation. I dot the foundation all over my face then blend it out with circular motions. You aren’t supposed to lift the brush too much, so I just move it all around my face until everything is blended. Once it’s all blended out, I find little to no product left on the brush.

I also use it for my under eye concealer after foundation. When I use this brush to blend out my concealer, it blends so nicely and stays so well that I don’t find the need to use setting powder.

I’ve even used it to blend out bronzer and contour, and I really like it for that as well. Blends seamlessly and hardly anything is left on the brush.

I also bought the Artis brush cleanser, and oh my god, it’s amazing!

Overall, I’m loving this brush and I cannot wait to get more of them!