Switching Up Lip Products to Transition from Summer to Fall


Those lazy days of summer are almost behind us and soon we’ll be moving into gorgeous fall weather. For a lot of ladies, that means a change up in their makeup routine, particularly when it comes to what they’re wearing on their lips. But if you’re not ready to let go of those last glorious days of summer, don’t fear! We’ve got some ideas here to help you make the transition beautifully, capitalizing on the summer lip products you’ve probably already been using all season long.


A stain is a style of lip product that is often used in the summer, as it holds up against high temperatures and lasts all day. It even stays on in the water, making it ideal for the pool or beach. Because it is often used in the summer, lip stain colors tend to be bright and punchy, like coral or hot pink. Transition your favorite stain from summer to fall by layering it underneath your favorite lipstick for a deeper, richer color.


Lip liner is a great product to start incorporating as the summer months end, as it takes whatever color you already wear and bumps it up a notch. Where as you may look for a soft, casual lip for summer, lining your lips in the fall adds definition and drama, giving a look that is perfect as the weather gets crisp. Bonus tip: opt for liners in autumn shades like burgundy, auburn and purple.

Matte Vs Shine

Think about the visual effect you want as we move into fall. Shiny lipsticks are common in the summer, but tend to fade as the temperatures cool off. A matte lip is much more suited to fall, which tends to lean to more muted colors or deep reds. If you can’t give up the shine, stick to shiny lipsticks in traditional fall colors and ditch the summery pinks.


Gloss is a go to product for most ladies in the summer, as you can often apply your favorite gloss with nothing underneath and still achieve a long lasting look that really scores at the beach or poolside. EOS Lip Balm has been a consistent favorite when it comes to “going nude”. It’s not, however, such a hot look for fall. If you’re not ready to give up that fave gloss, just layer it over an auburn lipstick or a ruby red matte color. This way you’re moving into the fall palette while holding onto those last notes of summer.