NOTD: Pixie Dust!

I’ve really been loving those holo flakies, I’ve been using them a lot. This is probably my current favorite application… and it reminds me of pixie dust!

bluepurplepixiedust | by themani-ac

My base here is Zoya Blu, I also sponged on some Zoya Abby and Purity. While it was still tacky, I sprinkled on the holo flakies with a fan brush then pressed them in with my finger. Once that was set, I topped it off with Essie Good to Go.

And that’s it! Such an easy way to jazz up a mani.


Ocean Nail Supply Holo Flakies Review!

If you follow nail art on Instagram, you’ve probably seen holo flakies everywhere. I’ve been obsessed with them since I first saw them, and I finally got my hands on a jar!

OceanNailSupplyHoloFlakies | by themani-ac

The blue polish I have on is Zoya Mallory, but we’re here to focus on the flakies. So, I did one coat of black polish, I used Zoya Willa. When it was still tacky, I pressed the flakies into the polish, then topped with Essie Good to Go.
I didn’t think one coat of flakies was enough so I did a second coat. I did a thin coat of Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat (you can use any clear polish), and when that was tacky, I pressed in more of the flakies and again, topped with Essie Good to Go.
These holo flakies are beautiful! I kept staring at them in the jar lol. So, you can totally use these with regular polish, like I did. Most of the time on Instagram, they are used with gel. I definitely think you need two coats, if you’re using them with regular polish. I used my finger to press them in, but you could use one of those eye shadow applicators or a brush if you wanted to. They are a bit messy, they can get everywhere, so be careful of that.
As I was testing them, my sister turned and said “that is the most effective way” to get such a glittery look… and I can’t disagree. It’s definitely more effective than a lot of polishes and regular glitter. The flakies also lay a lot flatter than other glitter/glitter polishes, so after top coat everything is pretty smooth.
I haven’t noticed too much wear, just a bit around the edges after a few days, not too much wear at the tips of my nails, which is impressive. Also, no peeling or lifting, which is awesome!
Overall, I’m loving these flakies. I can’t wait to use them in other ways.

NOTD: Shattered Blue!

Even though we’re in the midst of (a very hot) summer, I’m feeling very pastel-y lately.


My base is two coats of Zoya Kristen, topped with a lot of China Glaze Luxe and Lush. I topped it off with a thick coat of Essie Good To Go, to smooth down those flakies. Super easy, but I loved it. Not much of a summer mani, but I was really digging it. What do you think?

NOTD: Negative Space and Silver Flakes!

I went to a wedding yesterday! I wore black and silver, so I did a mani to match.


I freehanded the negative space, and filled everything else in with Zoya Willa, two coats. Then I used a clear polish and silver leaf on the Vs, and topped with Essie Good To Go. Since the leaf tends to get all over the nail, once the top coat was dry, I covered any leaf that strayed from the V and did another coat of G2G.

Very simple, not super summery or wedding-y, but I like it . I was planning on doing white, but I had an unfortunate thumb break at the gym and didn’t want to emphasize the shortness.

What do you think?

NOTD: Gold Flake Outline!

Feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! So here’s a NOTD!


The base is one of my favorites, Zoya Lake. This is two coats. Then I used a dotting tool and Zoya Gilty for the outline. I picked out the flakes and hand placed them. A little tedious, but I think it was worth it. Topped everything off with a thick coat of Essie Good To Go.

I really like how it came out. Kind of reminds me of Cinderella or Jasmine. What do you think?

ILNP Ferris Wheel Swatches and Review!

One of my Christmas polishes! This is ILNP Ferris Wheel!



My base is two coats of Zoya Willa, topped with three coats of Ferris Wheel. Ferris Wheel is a multi color flakie polish. You can see pink, green, blue and orange in there, and the flakies shift depending on the angle.

I topped it off with one coat of Essie Good To Go, and it smoothed out pretty well. One thick coat of top coat is all you really need.

I love this! Sometimes I forget that you really can’t go wrong with a good flakie, and this… it a great flakie.

What’s your favorite flakie polish?

NOTD: Flakie Galaxy!

I saw Star Wars during Christmas weekend and I needed a very special mani. So I went with a galaxy mani, but not just any galaxy… a flakie galaxy!


My base is two coats of ILNP Sweater Weather, which is a holographic teal/blue polish. Then I sponged on the flakies: ILNP Supernova, Luna and Glory. Then I sponged on Sally Hansen Disco Ball for some extra sparkle and finally, added the white dots with Zoya Purity. Topped it off with Essie Good to Go.

I think this came out pretty cool. I love how Glory added a pop of orange and went so beautifully with Luna.

What do you think?

ILNP Christmas Haul!

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that I was planning to buy 6 ILNP polishes, but I got lucky and got them as a gift!


From left to right:

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Mountain View
  • Glory
  • Sweater Weather
  • Juliette
  • Time in a Bottle

So beautiful! I just like looking at new polishes for a while before I use them lol.

These 6 come from 3 of the latest collections: the fall, winter and holiday collections. I got 2 from each.There are two Ultra Chrome flakies, two Hologhraphics and two Ultra Metallics.

I will be posting swatches or manis with these guys, I did use some of them for a mani already, but that’s for another post lol.

Did you get anything snazzy for Christmas?


NOTD: Nude and Gold Flake Gradient!

Now that school has started and I know that fall is on the way, I’m ready for all the fall nail polishes! I wasn’t totally ready to jump into jewel tones so I decided on something more subtle for this transition-y time.

nudegoldflakegradientMy base is two coats of Zoya Charlott (from the Mystery Trio), then I used Zoya Gilty to start the gradient and over that I hand placed some gold leaf. Topped it off with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

I think it’s a perfect transition from summer into fall and love that the nude goes matte but the gold stays shiny! What do you guys think?

ILNP Supernova + Phoenix!

I’ve been in a rut, I’m kind of over summer colors yet not ready for fall. So what do I do when I’m in a rut? Add glitter, of course! In this case, I added flakies…

SupernovePhoenix SupernovePhoenix2SupernovePhoenix3I have a base coat of Zoya Raven, then one coat of ILNP Phoenix, one coat of Supernova over than and then another coat of Phoenix. Phoenix is a purple/pink/orange multichrome and Supernova is a green/blue/purple multichrome. I thought they’d look really cool layered over each other and I was right! I love all the different colors you get when you layer them.

Straight on you get that green and purple, very Maleficent-y, then you get the shifts of more purple/pink, red/orange. They kind of remind me of dragon eggs! I also added a coat of Essie Good To Go over top.

What do you guys think?