Function of Beauty Update!

So, I’ve been using my custom Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner for a while now, so I thought I’d give you an update!


I’ve been using it for about a month, 2-3 times a week, and what you see above is how much of the product I’ve used so far. I’m going through conditioner a bit faster than the shampoo, which is normal for me. I have changed up the way I use the product, for my first shampoo, I lather it up in my hands, but for the second shampoo, I apply to directly to my scalp and lather. I usually end up with 5-6 pumps for shampoo and the same for conditioner.


  • I have noticed that the middle section of my hair is very soft and stays soft for days after washing.
  • My hair is noticeable shinier, I definitely see a difference with that, and it stays shiny for days after the wash.


  • Even though my formulation is basically just hydration, for some reason, I’ve noticed my scalp is drier than normal.
  • Right after hair washing, my hair feels nice and soft but a day or two later the ends dry up again. If I do any kind of heat styling or even no-heat overnight curls, my ends get very dry, even if it’s right after washing. I don’t use it every day, as suggested, so that might be the problem, but it is worth noting.
  • I haven’t seen any overall improvement on my dry ends. The longer you use it, the more you’ll see the effects, but so far… I haven’t seen any improvement in end hydration, they still get very dry and brittle.

I’ve avoided using any other hair products while testing this one, I just started using argan oil again after my last few washes because I couldn’t take my dry, frizzy ends anymore. My ends are a bit color damaged, so I don’t expect anything to heal them, that’s what haircuts are for lol. However, I am a bit disappointed with the dry scalp, I was not expecting that at all. I actually just decided to switch up my routine, my last wash I used totally different products (one to review!). I’ll probably go back to Function of Beauty after my scalp is back to normal and see how things go from there. I’ll most likely be back with another update!

Function of Beauty Initial Review!

I’ve been wanting to try Function if Beauty for a while, so I was super excited to get this as one of my Christmas presents!

If you havent heard of Function of Beauty, it’s a company that makes totally customizable shampoo and conditioner!


So, basically, you take a hair quiz, choose the benefits you’d like, pick the color and scent annnnd they’ll make it.

These are my hair profile answers:

  • Hair type- wavy
  • Hair structure- fine
  • Scalp moisture- normal

For my 5 hair goals I went with:

  • Deep condition
  • Replenish hair
  • Fix split ends
  • Strengthen
  • Hydrate

I opted out of a color, and for the scent I chose cucumber mint, light fragrance.

There are also different size options, I got the two biggest sizes.

I’ve heard it takes about a week for you to get your customized set, mine did take a little longer because it was right after the holidays and one of their machines broke, but they actually managed to get it to me really close to the estimated date they originally gave.

When you get it, it comes in a cute almost Tiffany blue box, ad you get your shampoo, conditioner, pumps, and a little booklet with your hair profile, goals, a description of each goal with the goal specific ingredients, instructions on the optimal way to use your set and active ingredients on the back.

I usually like to start with scents, so here we go… it’s a bit minty and herbally… reminds me of a spa almost. I think it may be because I picked the light fragrance and I’m picking up on some of the ingredients.

As for consistency, I was a bit surprised because the shampoo is pretty thin, I’ve never used a shampoo that was runny before. My directions say to lather it in your hands first, which I thought was interesting. It does lather very nicely. It also says to shampoo, rinse and repeat. So for my first shampoo I use 3 pumps and for my second I use 2.

The conditioner is nice and thick, it feels really hydrating, just like I like it. My directions say to leave it in for 2-3 minutes, which I do with most of my conditioners anyway. I like to tie it in a low bun while I leave it in, and with this conditioner I actually feel the minty-ness on the back of my neck, it’s like that tingly cooling feeling… I’ve never experienced that with a conditioner, really cool. I use about 5 pumps of conditioner for all my hair.

So far, I’ve used it three times. Haven’t used it their suggested 4-5 times a week, as I usually only wash my hair twice a week. The first time I used it, I didn’t follow the instructions, but did the last two times. Overall, so far so good. My hair is definitely very soft, it feels hydrated and the more I use it, the more hydrated my ends are feeling, which is important. I haven’t been using any other leave-ins or oils on my hair to give this a fair try, and I’m going to continue to do so!

If you’d like to try Function of Beauty, you can use my affiliate link and get $5 off your order! (and I get a $5 credit, win win!)

Have you tried customized shampoo and conditioner before?

Redken All Soft Conditioner Review!

If you’ve seen my last couple of hauls, you know I’ve been buying a lot of hair products. One that I happened to buy in both hauls, is Redken All Soft Conditioner.

redken all soft

I first bough the normal sized bottle, but when Ulta had their sale on jumbo sizes, I had to grab one!

It’s a pretty thick conditioner, I like thicker ones because I feel like they are more conditioning and absorb better. It might just be me though…

It smells pretty nice, it does have a slight plastic-y smell when you first squeeze it out of the bottle, but it dissipates once it’s in your hair and then smells really nice.

I like to apply to my damp hair and wait about 5 minutes before I wash it off, kind of like a mini leave-in treatment. It leaves my hair super soft, even my dry ends. It’s definitely my favorite ‘normal’ conditioner at the moment.

Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Mask Honey Treasures Inital Review!

This is just one of the new conditioners that I bought and mentioned in my last hair haul post.

Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Mask Honey Treasures

It’s pretty thick, similar to the It’s A 1o mask. It smells interesting when applying it, not much like honey, maybe more like coconut/vanilla with a hint of plastic lol. After you wash your hair, the plastic-ness fades and you’re left with the very pleasant coconut/vanilla scent.

I apply it in the shower, after I’ve shampooed and squeezed the excess water out of my hair. I thoroughly coat my damp hair, tie it up in a low bun and leave in for 3ish minutes. Then I rinse it out. I instantly notice that my hair is softer. After my hair dries, I do feel a noticeable difference.

I’ve used this twice so far, and I’m really liking it! Have any of you used it? What’s your favorite hair mask?

June 2015 Hair Haul!

I was in need of some new conditioners, and I’ve been eyeing a new curling iron for a little while now, so it was time for a trip to Ulta!


First things first, I bought three conditioners at Ulta and one at Wegmans. I got:


  • Chi Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil Rejuvenating Mask
  • Redken All Soft Conditioner
  • It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product
  • Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Mask Honey Treasures

The curling iron I finally decided on was the Hot Tools 24K  Gold 1″ Curling Wand. I went with the one with the clip.

So far, I used the Chi mask once, and I like it so far. When I’ve formed an opinion I’ll do an updated post on it. I also used the curling iron the other day, I didn’t use the clip, just used it as a wand and I got the loose waves that I was looking for… so far so good. I’m really excited for the Garnier mask and Redken conditioner, and I’ll post updates on those too.

What are some of your favorite hair products?


It’s a 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Conditioner Review!

I’ve been solely using this for a couple of weeks now, so I decided it was time for a review!

it's a 10 silk

I mentioned this in my last hair care update, but I hadn’t used it enough for a full review. But it is now time! So let’s get to it…

Starting with scent, it smells great, as all It’s a 10 products do. Consistency is pretty thick, maybe just a little thinner than their hair mask.

For application, I apply it after I shampoo and leave it in for 3-5 minutes then rinse out. I definitely feel a difference right away after I rinse it out. My hair is much smoother and softer. Then I just towel dry, comb through and let it air dry. Combing is great, no tangles!

One of the benefits of this conditioner is that it actually helps your hair dry faster. At first, I was a bit concerned that my hair was drying so fast, but then I read the back of the container lol. Once it’s dry, it’s definitely nice and soft, especially after I brush it out.

I also find that my hair stays softer longer. With other conditioners, it would dry out again after three days, this one keeps my hair nice and soft and hydrated. I also noticed that the more you use it, the better it works. The first time I tried it, I as like ‘meh’, but as I kept using it, I liked it more and more.

If you like It’s a 10 products, I’d definitely recommend trying this one out!

What’s your favorite conditioner?

My Hair Experiment!

If you read my blog regularly, you might remember my Manic Panic Purple Haze review Well, recently I got tired of the purple. So I decided to do an experiment and mix up my own color!

hairexperimenthairexperiment2Woo! I still had about a third of my tub of Purple Haze,  and I ended up grabbing Manic Panic Vampire Red and Hot Hot Pink at Sally’s. My mix was about a 1:1:.5 of Vampire Red, Hot Hot Pink and Purple Haze. So there was less Purple Haze and about equal parts Vampire Red And Hot Hot Pink. I basically just eyeballed it until it looked like a decent color. I had no idea what it would look like lol. So I left it on for an hour and washed it out in cold water.

Unlike straight Purple Haze… this mix refused to fully wash out. The water would not run clear. I think I washed it out for a good 15 minutes and I was still getting light pink water, I gave up soon after that. But also unlike Purple Haze… I didn’t get any color rubbing off! The first time I used Purple Haze and didn’t fully wash it out, my hands and nails turned purple if I touched my hair too much, I’m getting any of that this time.

I also got a much more even color this time, it’s probably because I used more dye, and made sure all my hair was very saturated.

I also washed it for the first time yesterday, and I got some bleeding, which is to be expected. I decided not to wash it in cold water, like I was doing before, because that was a process and I didn’t feel like doing that. So, I washed it in cool water, not too cold, so I could actually take a normal shower. Washed my hair with my L’Oreal Everpure for color, and then deep conditioned with OGX Renewing Treatment, Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil. I was worried that the color would fade, but I’m happy to say that I can only see a minor difference! I think more pink ran off than anything, but it’s still very vibrant and hardly faded, if at all.

So I’m definitely liking this mix and this color, in general. I think it goes much better with my natural brown hair, even though I couldn’t blended it a little but better lol. What do you think?

Manic Panic Purple Haze Initial Use and Review!

So, maybe 5-6 weeks ago I went in to get my hair dyed purple! Which I think is part of my quarter-life crisis haha. I wanted a brown to purple ombre so I wouldn’t have to worry about my roots anymore. I went to the salon because I had to bleach my ends and didn’t want to risk doing that myself. It took about 4 hours but I finally had my purple hair! The problem? It faded super fast, I mean, now that I think about it it really faded in the appropriate amount of time, since you really should go to the salon every 4-6 weeks. Anyway, I started watching a lot of Youtube videos and realized that I could probably re-purple my hair myself, and I decided Manic Panic would be my accomplice.

So here is my hair before….

manicpanicPretty darn faded. It looks more orange in the picture, but in real life it was pinkier. I was hoping it would fade into a lilac/lavender color, which would have been great, but that did not happen. Oh and please ignore that purple piece.. it was a patch test lol

To prep my hair (as seen above) I just washed it with shampoo and let it air dry, no conditioner because the Manic Panic kind of acts as a leave in.

I decided to use the dye straight out of the container for most of my hair, and used dye mixed with conditioner for the very ends, just to see if I could create an ombre. I applied my color with my hands, in gloves, of course. I started at the bottom of my hair, clipping up most of it and working in sections until everything was colored. Then I separated it into two sections and stuck those in plastic bags, tied, and let hang out for an hour.

Once the hour was up, I rinsed in very cold water until the water ran clear and sprayed in some leave in conditioner for good measure.

Here are my results…

manicpanic2Pretty purple! Much more purple than I had before! It’s a really interesting color because in the sun (above) it’s much moire violety, but in different lighting it looks legit purple, some pieces even look almost blue.. and I’m totally loving that!

I think it was definitely worth doing myself.I saved a LOT of money and I didn’t even use half of the tub of dye, so I have enough for at least one more use. And it actually is very moisturizing, my hair felt nice and soft afterwards, my ends even felt less dry and more manageable! Super plus!

Keep in mind that the dye does stain! So wear an old shirt when doing this. It did stain my hands a little bit, but that actually washed off without my realizing it. The biggest issue I had with staining was my bathroom counter! It’s white, and I didn’t even see how much dye got everywhere until I was cleaning up. I was trying to find a way to remove it on the internet but didn’t find anything so my brain decided to combine bleach and baking soda… and voila! So if you get it on a white counter, just mix some bleach and baking soda and scrub that sucker.

It also still stained my hands a little bit if I touched the hair too much, might be because I didn’t wash it out well enough, I’m not sure.

Regardless, I’m loving the purple, what do you guys think? Have you used Manic Panic before?

Isabella’s Clearly FREE Review!

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me for review

I’ve been changing up my hair routine recently. I was using a shampoo with sulfates, and that plus our hard water started to dry out my scalp. It actually ended up being good timing because I got to test out Isabella’s Clearly FREE!

A little about it:

“Clearly FREE will keep your scalp healthy and dandruff-free. The 100% essential oil formula contains a unique array of natural ingredients which will leave your scalp soft, hydrated and flake-free. With extended use, this unique mix of essential oils will protect your scalp and eliminate dryness over time. It take minutes to apply and sets you free.

It’s the perfect solution for rejuvenating the scalp. Just a few drops will help you be dandruff free. It’s not “Magic”, but you might think it is.

Here is what you can expect: • Moisturizes and nourishes dry scalp • Protects scalp from dryness • Relieves itching • 100% natural essential oil ingredients”

Here are the ingredients: A proprietary blend of Jojoba, Manuka, Chamomile, Tea tree, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Basil, Lavender, Lemon, Cedar wood, and Cypress essential oils. Free of Sulfates, Phthalates, Paraben, DEA, Formaldehyde and PEG.

It’s also never tested on animals and 100% vegan!

Lets start with scent. If you read the list of ingredients you can guess that this smells very herby. It can be a little overwhelming, so it’s a good thing you only need a little bit of product. The product itself is like a serum, with a nice pump dispenser. You don’t get too much with each pump, so it’s easy to control the amount you need/want.

So the directions say to wash and towel dry hair, then take some products on your fingers and massage into scalp, then you can dry and style as usual. I thought it was interesting that you would put oil in your hair after it was washed, I was pretty suspicious, but I did it anyway and waited for my hair to dry. Unfortunately my suspicions rang true and this left my roots very greasy. I had to try and wipe off as much as I could and then added a lot of dry shampoo on top of that.

Honestly, I would not use this product after I washed my hair. I think it would be a much better idea to use this as a pre-wash treatment. I am currently doing that with coconut oil for my ends, so I think I may add this into the mix for my scalp. I’ll definitely do an update once I test that out.

Coconut Oil Pre-wash Initial Thoughts!

I decided it was time to switch up my hair routine!

A little background on my hair… I’ve been coloring it for a long while now, and I have pretty dry ends. I might be bleaching said ends this weekend for a plummy ombre, so I really needed something to add lots of moisture. My normal routine includes a shampoo and conditioner recommended by my hair guy and some hair serums, like Biosilk. My hair guy actually gave me the shampoo and conditioner for my last birthday and when I ran out, I decided to buy it on Amazon because I could get a bigger size for cheaper. What I didn’t realize is that the shampoo I got from Amazon has sulfates! GASP! But I used it for a while anyway, then I started to find my scalp getting really dry. It might be from sulfates, or our hard water, or both. So it was time for a change.

I present to you… coconut oil!

This is the one I got… it is Wegmans brand extra virgin unrefined coconut oil.

So coconut oil is a little weird, it comes in a tub and it’s solid. Some blogs recommend microwaving it to melt it, I just rubbed it in my hands until it melted. It was a little messier, but worked.

I started by parting my hair into two sections and just working the oil in starting from my ends going up. Then I flipped my hair over, and made sure that I got every strand. Then I added a little bit to my scalp and roots, and finally extra on my ends. Then I put it up, threw on a shower cap and went about my business for an hour.

To go along with this, I also bought a sulfate-free shampoo. I opted for L’Oreal EverPure Moisture Shampoo, which is part of the Color Care System.

So after the hour was up, I washed my hair as I normally would. I did double shampoo, just to ensure that I got all the oil out of my roots. I lightly shampooed my ends for the same reason. Then conditioned, and that was it!

I was nervous about my hair being really oily, but I had no oily residue, just super shiny hair! I really tried not to brush it too much and just let it dry as it would naturally. I did add some hair serum when it was damp, just to reduce frizz. Also, I left my hair as it was, no styling. I usually do an overnight no-heat curling thing, but I decided against it just to test what my hair would be like.

Overall, I like the results so far. My hair is nice and shiny, and the color is more vibrant. It’s really soft, my ends are still a tad dry, but I do have a bunch of split ends that need trimming. So far no change in my scalp, but I wouldn’t expect that (or the dry ends) to change overnight.

I’m definitely going to keep doing this, probably once a week and I’ll write another update in a month or so!

Have you guys done any pre-washes? Thoughts?