Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks Swatches and Review!

This purchase was a very long time coming!



Left to right: Midi, Creeper, Maneater, Hutch and Alyssa

I decided to get 2 of the Ultra Mattes, that is what they are known for. I also got 2 Ultra Satins and I HAD to get an Ultra Metallic! So I have a nice mix.


I love them.

  • Midi is an Ultra Matte, it’s a soft neutral beige
  • Creeper is an Ultra Matte, it’s a classic blue red
  • Maneater is an Ultra Metallic, it’s a rose gold-ish neutral
  • Hutch is an Ultra Satin, it’s a blackened blackberry/raspberry color
  • Alyssa is an Ultra Satin, it’s a neutral, dusty pink. On me, this was a your-lips-but-better color.

The first question probably is ‘what is the difference between the mattes and satins?’…. honestly, the finish is pretty similar to me. The satin is supposed to be more of a velvety finish, it was a bit softer than the matte, but nothing crazy different. The mattes do dry a lot faster than the satin, it’s almost instant.

The metallic is also matte, but it stays metallic and shiny and amazing!

I’ve worn both Midi and Alyssa out, I found them both to last well. I did eat on both occasions and I did end up wiping most of it off lol, but I didn’t see a lot of product coming off when I was drinking.

They were both comfortable to wear, not too drying. Midi, being a matte, was definitely a bit more drying than Alyssa, a satin. If you’re sensitive to dryness, I would go with the satins.

Overall, I’m really happy with all of these and I cannot wait to wear them! Especially Hutch and Meaneater! All the colors are pigmented and lovely, and at $6 a piece you really cannot go wrong!

Have you tried Colourpop? What are your favorite shades?

IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review!

Press Sample

More spring makeup from IT Cosmetics! If this doesn’t get you in the mood for spring, I don’t know what will.


The box.


The packaging. It’s so cute! I love the blush color and the rose gold lettering. The cover is also pillowy, and it’s small enough to be perfect for travel.


The inside is also that rose gold, and the shade names are underneath in black. They are a little hard to see because of the reflective packaging, so here they are:

Top row:

  • Imagine
  • Wonder
  • Dream

Bottom row:

  • Passion
  • Intrigue
  • Allure

And the highlighter is called Transforming Hello Light.


Left to right:

  • Imagine- matte light cream
  • Wonder- matte cream
  • Dream- matte light nude blush


Left to right:

  • Passion- matte light brown
  • Intrigue- matte medium brown
  • Allure- matte blue-black
  • Transforming Hello Light- shimmery pearl

I apologize if the colors are hard to see, I’m pretty pale and most of the shades are light, so they tend to blend into my skin.

My shade descriptions are different than the ones on the IT Cosmetics website, because I call them how I see them.

These shadows are super soft, easy to apply and blend. They’re light but nicely pigmented. For a neutral palette, I think the colors are actually pretty interesting, especially Dream and Allure. This palette is perfect for everyday and the shades can easily go from day to night. The highlighter is beautiful! It’s not sparkly, but has the perfect amount of shimmer.

I’ve been using this palette every day since I got it, I think it’s great for work. I’ve been using either Wonder or Dream on the lid with a combo of Passion and Intrigue in the crease. I’ve used both Imagine and Transforming Hello light as an eyebrow highlight.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this palette! I was ready for something new for spring, so this was exactly what I needed. If you’re in the market for a new matte/neutral palette, definitely check this one out. It’s available on the IT Cosmetics website and retails for $28.

What’s your favorite spring makeup?



NYX Liquid Suede Vintage and Soft-Spoken Swatches and Review!

I’ve been waiting forever for these to be back in stock at Ulta! I finally got my hands on them!


Vintage on top, Soft-Spoken on the bottom


Close up of the brush. It’s a weird shape, kind of like a… rabbit’s foot, maybe? It’s flat on one side, but pretty long, longer than an average doe foot applicator. I found it very confusing to work with the first time I used it, but got the hang of it pretty quickly. It does pick up a lot of product.


Vintage is like a dark red/brown, kind of berry color. Soft-Spoken is a soft, peachy-brown.


Just for reference, in case you were wondering, Soft-Spoken is not a dupe for Urban Decay 1993. It looks like Soft-Spoken is darker, but it’s actually the reverse! 1993 is darker on the lips.

So, I wore Vintage the first day that I got it, I was just too excited! It dries to a nice matte finish, it takes a little while to fully dry though. I found it to be very comfortable on the lips, not drying at all. I wore it for a good 5 hours, I was eating and drinking, and it actually lasted very well. I didn’t see too much fading by the end of the night, I’m not one to reapply lipstick so I was pretty impressed with the staying power.

Overall, I really like these, I’m super excited to wear them and I might even be picking up more for spring!

Have you tried these? What do you think?

NOTD: Matte Marble

I’m liking making everything matte lately!


My thumb, pointer and pinky are two coats of Zoya Caitlin. My middle and ring fingers have a base of two coats of Zoya Purity. Then I watered down some Zoya Dove with some nail polish thinner and applied it with a nail art brush, just randomly, to get that marbled look. Then I tinned down some Zoya Willa and used a thin nail art brush to create the black lines, then added Essie Leggy Legend for a gold accent. And to jazz up my other nails, I added the snazzy cut out triangle studs. Finally topped everything off with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

I like how this came out! I was envisioning it for a couple days now. I like it matte, but I also might like it glossy. What do you think? Should I add a glossy top coat?

NOTD: Classic Fall

It might not feel like fall yet, but I’m in the fall mood! And this year, I’m super into pairing nudes and vampy, dark reds.

classicfallMy base for my pointer, middle and pinky is two coats of Zoya Anja. For my ring and thumb, I have two coats of Zoya Chantal. For the leopard spots, I used Zoya Willa and a small dotting tool. Then I filled some of the spots in with Essie Leggy Legend (another one that’s perfect for fall). Once everything was set, I topped each nail with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

It’s simple, but I love the leopard, I think it’s my best one to date. What do you guys think?

NOTD: Nude and Gold Flake Gradient!

Now that school has started and I know that fall is on the way, I’m ready for all the fall nail polishes! I wasn’t totally ready to jump into jewel tones so I decided on something more subtle for this transition-y time.

nudegoldflakegradientMy base is two coats of Zoya Charlott (from the Mystery Trio), then I used Zoya Gilty to start the gradient and over that I hand placed some gold leaf. Topped it off with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

I think it’s a perfect transition from summer into fall and love that the nude goes matte but the gold stays shiny! What do you guys think?

NYX Buenos Aires Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches and Review!

I’ve been on a lipstick kick lately. I want to buy basically all the Ultra Matte Lips from ColourPop and I’ve been wanting to try the new NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks, but my wallet keeps telling me otherwise, so I’ve been holding off on ordering mountains of lip products. But! I did pick up this guy when I was at Ulta buying my mom concealer!

NYXbuenosairesNYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Buenos Aires.

NYXbuenosaires2It has a regular doe foot applicator.

NYXbuenosaires3It’s a light coral/orangey shade. It’s lighter in real life versus the tube so it was lighter on my lips than I thought it would be, but it instantly grew on me.

The formula is great, as with all of the soft matte lip creams. It’s matte so it’s not sticky, but it’s also not drying. It goes on very opaque and has great staying power. And the best part… it smells like vanilla!

I have two other shades, which I love. Now that I think about it…I really don’t know why I don’t own more!

What are your favorite Soft Matte Lip Cream shades? Oh, and if you’ve tried the Ultra Matte Lip form ColourPop, which are your favorites?

NOTD: Matte Gold Flakie Gradient!

I’ve been wanting to do something with purple and gold, but wasn’t really feeling it… then I scrolled passed a picture on Facebook (can’t find it now but it was a matte royal purple with hand placed gold flakes) and it inspired this!

goldflakiegradientMy base is two coats of OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, then used Zoya Gilty for the flakies and topped it off with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

I love how this came out! Gilty can be a little difficult to work with because all the big flakes tend to get stuck at the bottom of the bottle, so I had to let everything settle in the bottle them fish out some of the bigger pieces so I could get more coverage at the tip of my nail. Also, Every Month is Oktoberfest looks a little flat brown in the picture, it does lean a little more purple-brown in real life.

I really cannot stop looking at my nails, this might be one of my favorite manis! What do you guys think?

NOTD: Matte Hanukkah Dots!

Better kinda late than never!

hanukkah dots

My base is two coats of Zoya Neve…. actually all of this is Zoya! My dots are Zoya Purity, Trixie and Ziv. I used a dotting tool to do this. I basically wanted to alternate the silver and white dots, and throw in some gold dots to kind of represent the flames of the candles that we light for Hanukkah!

Then I felt like making it matte, so I topped it off with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

What do you guys think?