Ocean Nail Supply Holo Flakies Review!

If you follow nail art on Instagram, you’ve probably seen holo flakies everywhere. I’ve been obsessed with them since I first saw them, and I finally got my hands on a jar!

OceanNailSupplyHoloFlakies | by themani-ac

The blue polish I have on is Zoya Mallory, but we’re here to focus on the flakies. So, I did one coat of black polish, I used Zoya Willa. When it was still tacky, I pressed the flakies into the polish, then topped with Essie Good to Go.
I didn’t think one coat of flakies was enough so I did a second coat. I did a thin coat of Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat (you can use any clear polish), and when that was tacky, I pressed in more of the flakies and again, topped with Essie Good to Go.
These holo flakies are beautiful! I kept staring at them in the jar lol. So, you can totally use these with regular polish, like I did. Most of the time on Instagram, they are used with gel. I definitely think you need two coats, if you’re using them with regular polish. I used my finger to press them in, but you could use one of those eye shadow applicators or a brush if you wanted to. They are a bit messy, they can get everywhere, so be careful of that.
As I was testing them, my sister turned and said “that is the most effective way” to get such a glittery look… and I can’t disagree. It’s definitely more effective than a lot of polishes and regular glitter. The flakies also lay a lot flatter than other glitter/glitter polishes, so after top coat everything is pretty smooth.
I haven’t noticed too much wear, just a bit around the edges after a few days, not too much wear at the tips of my nails, which is impressive. Also, no peeling or lifting, which is awesome!
Overall, I’m loving these flakies. I can’t wait to use them in other ways.

NOTD: Marble and Burgundy!

I finally feel like I’m getting my groove back!

Alright! The base on my middle and ring fingers is two coats Zoya Willa, I topped it off with Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat. When that was dry, I thinned out some Zoya Willa with acetone to create the grey texture in the background, then used a thin striping brush and Willa to create those veins/cracks, and finally added a little bit of gold leaf. Of course, topped it off with more Big Shiny Top Coat.

For the other nails I used two coats of Zoya Sloane, and when that was dry I added some gold striping tape, and topped everything off with Big Shiny Top Coat.

I love this so much, I think this is one of the best marbles that I’ve done! What do you think?


Amazon Nail Art Haul!

I had a $50 Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to use most of it on some nail art stuff that I’ve been wanting!

I got a silicon mat for stamping, and a clear stamper.

Then I got a pack of 5 opalescent powders and a silicon tool for them and my chrome powders. You get 5 colors: blue, purple, green, pink and yellow, I’ve labeled then with letter so I know which is which lol.

Finally, I couldn’t not get some glitter! I got this pack of 12 different glitter combinations. Each container has three different size round glitters.

So far, I’ve used the blue opalescent powder over white polish. It turned the white more into a cream, but it did give it a blue flash/undertone, which was really cool. I need to test them over black to see them better though.

I also used some of the glitter on a friend of mine, and I love them! I did kind of like a gradient over black and it came out really cool!

Please ignore our ugly tablecloth lol. That glitter looks great though! I’m really happy with everything I’ve bought so far.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil Review!

I’m a sucker for cuticle oil. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been using Essie Apricot Oil pretty religiously for a while now, but I’m ready to see what else is out there. So when I spotted this, I had to have it.

This is the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil, with Argan oil formula! The Argan oil sold me.

Firstly, it smells amazing. I’m using it even more than the Apricot Oil because I love the smell so much.

I actually bought it to be my nightly cuticle oil, but I’ve started using it a few times a day and I’m really enjoying it. It soaks in super fast and doesn’t leave any oily residue. It does a good job of keeping my cuticles nice and moisturized.

So far, I’m definitely liking it and I’d purchase it again! I found mine at Walmart for $6.99.

NOTD: Matte Marble Take 2!

So, I’m still not feeling very Halloween-ish… I’m more feeling white nail polish haha


My base here is Zoya Purity (surprise!). Then I dry marbled with more Purity, Zoya Ziv and Essie Leggy Legend. Of course, that wasn’t enough for me so I added some silver striping tape and matted out the whole thing with Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.

I love how this came out! The gold and white matte marble is so pretty. What do you think?

NOTD: Rose Gold Half Moon French!

Ever since I used the chrome powder to do rose gold nails, I’ve been wanting to do something rose gold on myself.


For this, I have a base of two coats of Zoya Kennedy. Then I added the half moons and french free hand with ILNP Juliette, which is a rose gold glitter with holo sparkle. Look at it! So pretty. After that was set, I topped it with two coats of Seche Vite to get it super smooth.

I looooooove how this came out. What do you think?

Sparkle & Co Mirror Chrome Powder!

I’m sure most of you have seen the chrome nails trend on Instagram… well, I don’t know about you, but I had to try it out myself!



I did research for days on which chrome powder to buy, I finally decided on the kit from Sparkle & Co. I ordered the smaller kit it from Amazon. It contained the powder, an applicator, test nails, their gel top coat and directions.

the first thing I decided to do was test it on regular polish because I didn’t want to go out and buy gel polish in every color. I tested it on polish, red polish and just the white test nail.


So what I did was paint a coat or two of the regular polish and let it dry completely. Then I added a coat of the gel top coat and cured in an LED lamp for 60 seconds (as per directions). Then I applied the chrome powder.

As you can see, the color is different depending on what base you use, which is really cool. Over black you get that true silver, over red you get more of a rose gold and over white it’s a lighter silver.

Once I decided that it would work over regular polish, I had to test it on myself!


So what I did was used Zoya Willa as my base, then did a coat of the Sparkle & Co gel top coat and cured for 60 seconds in an LED lamp. Right after curing I applied the chrome powder with the applicator that came in the kit, brushed away access powder, applied another coat of the gel and cured for another 60 seconds.I decided to do another coat of the chrome powder for extra opacity, then applied a 3rd layer of the gel and did a final 60 second cure.

Phew! The one good thing about gel is that there is no dry time! Love that about it. So, I’m pretty impressed. In the light you can see some of the chrome powder particles, but in the low light it looks totally mirrored, it’s crazy. I’m loving this look!

I’m actually really debating about buying two other chrome powders, I think they are so cool. what do you think?

NOTD: Purple Mermaid!

Well, I was in Disney World last week! Yep, that’s the second time this year lol so I decided to keep with the mermaid theme of my last Disney mani, but change it up a bit. So I went with purple and gold.


My base is two coats of Zoya Megan. When that was dry, I used mermaid nail vinyls and sponged on Zoya Serenity, Color Club Disco Dress and more Megan. Then I applied Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow on some scales. I used a dotting tool for that. I added a shell as an accent and then topped it off with Essie Good to Go!

I loved them! Even got a compliment at the airport lol. What do you think?

NOTD: Turquoise and Seashells!

I was finally feeling like it was time for a summery mani, about time too since it was the end of August (September by the time this is posted)!


The base on my pointer and pinky is two coats of Zoya Purity, on my middle, ring and thumb it’s two coats of China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle and topped it with Essie Good to Go. Once that was dry, I took some Zoya Willa (black), thinned it out with some nail polish thinner and added it in drops. Then I took some acetone and dropped some on to the black to create that veining. When that was dry, I used Zoya Ziv as the outline. For my white nails, I just added some gold seashells. Then I topped everything off with Essie Good to Go.

I loved how the turquoise look came out using the acetone technique! It’s super easy and you don’t have to worry about water marbling. What do you think?

NOTD: Bold Flowers!

I’ve been wanting to do a floral for a while now, I haven’t done one in a really long time. So this happened…


As my base, I have two coats of China Glaze At Vase Value. Then I used Zoya Purity for the general shape of the flowers, then went over it with Essie Snap Happy, more Purity and Sally Hansen Lightening. For some of the flower, I did a yellow to red gradient and for others I added white.

Instead of leaves, I did dots in Essie The More a The Merrier and OPI Amazon Amazoff. Topped everything with a coat of Essie Good To Go. And I topped everything off with Essie Good To Go.

This was very BAM! IN YO FACE! What do you think?