Smile Direct Club End Of Treatment Update

I’ve officially finished my Smile Direct Club treatment! I’ve actually been done for a couple of weeks, and I’m on to the retainer phase.

The end of my treatment was just like the rest of it, changed aligners every two weeks until the end. Nothing much out of the ordinary, no fit issues and no real pain.

What I really wanted to talk about was the horrible retainer experience. So I ordered my retainers at the end of May, I received an email confirmation that they should take 7-10 days, but at the end of June I still did not have them. I started emailing their customer service to see what was going on, because I was charged for them. They told me that production was delayed, so I just went with it. Three weeks into July, I still didn’t have them or any communication from Smile Direct Club about the delay so I started emailing them again.
After various responses from various agents, I could not get a straight answer. Some people said they’d be delivered in a week, others said they were still in production, so it was obvious to me that no one had any idea where my retainers were.

After a lot of emails back and forth, I actually got a full refund for the massive delay.

Luckily, this was all during my treatment so I didn’t have to stop wearing the aligners without having the retainers.

They finally came a few days before my treatment ended, so I was super excited. I didn’t actually open them until I had to put them in and oh my god. They were a mess. I tried them on and they did not fit at all. I compared them to my aligners and the retainers were not at all cut properly. It looked like they weren’t trimmed at all.


You can see the difference.

I emailed them and got an apology and they escalated my issue, but I just decided to trim them myself because I was honestly over it and knew it would take them forever. The last communication I got from them was a request for 12 pictures of the retainers on so they could see the issues. Yeah, no thanks. Over it. My trimming worked well enough and I was able to wear them, so I just didn’t even bother responding.

So, I’m currently wearing my retainers every night. I’ve seen a massive change from the actual aligners, so they definitely work and I would highly recommend checking them out. The retainer experience was a mess, but I did get a full refund and I was able to salvage them, so it’s not a total loss.

I have noticed my teeth shifting a little bit now that I don’t wear aligners all day, but it’s nothing noticeable, I can feel it, but you can’t really see it. The retainers do help with it, my teeth shift into proper place over night and they shift back less and less every day. Overall, I’m very happy with the results.


Smile Direct Club Update 2!

Time is flying! I’m 4 months in… halfway there (woah oh)! I’m about to switch into my 9th set so I wanted to do another update.

I’m still on the Thursday night switch out, and I’ve totally gotten the hang of seating the aligners. I suggest doing the switch at night, sleeping in them really helps.

So far, this 8th set has been the most uncomfortable since my first few sets. The bottom aligners were definitely a bit more uncomfortable, bordering on a little painful. After about 3 days, I got used to them as normal. I have not experienced enough pain to make me not want to eat though lol.

I do need to file the edges of my top aligners pretty vigorously. They are sharper than they appear and I usually need to spend about 10-20 minutes filing, and I’ll sometimes have to file as I go if I notice that anything is still sharp.

In my last post, I mentioned that the case can start to smell… I was wrong… it was the chewies! Luckily, they’ve sent me another 2 sets of chewies so I’ve gotten rid of my old ones. No problems with the case since I threw those away.

So, right now I have received up to set 12, along with 2 new sets of chewies, files and the remover tool. I’ve been getting sets sporadically, they do send the email that they have been sent out. I have also been getting the random follow up emails. I received two in a row, which looked like they were trying to follow up every 2 weeks, but then I stopped getting them.

And now for the update on my actual teeth… I am definitely seeing results. People have started to notice and have commented that my teeth have gotten straighter. My top teeth have improved dramatically, and it’s very noticeable. My bottom teeth have shifted as well, I can feel the difference when I floss, but it isn’t very visible yet. I believe my bottom teeth will start to shift more during these last 4 months, while my top teeth finish up. I have 8 more sets to go, but I can say now that these seriously work, and if you want to try aligners, it’s a great option to look into. I’ve actually suggested Smile Direct Club to a few who have asked.


Smile Direct Club Update

Oh hey! So, I’m about a week into my third set of aligners, and I figured it was time for an update!

Sets 1 and 2 went pretty smoothly, I’ve gotten the hang of seating the aligners. I did have some longer periods of not wearing my second set because of all the holidays, so I wore them an extra 4 days to make up for it. Now, I switch them out every other Thursday night.

It definitely helps me to switch them at night, because of the seating process. Sleeping in them the first night really helps, and I find that I don’t need the chewies as much the next day.

I do need to file each new set. The edges are a bit sharp at first, so the emery board is really helpful.

The sets are feeling tight when I first put them on, but I get used to them pretty quickly. It is normal for them to get loose as you wear them. I’m bad and tend to fidget with them as they get loose. I like to lift/shift them, which is a very bad habit! I’m trying to stop doing it.

I read that some people’s teeth hurt so much that they didn’t wan to eat… I have not experienced this lol. My teeth did hurt with aligners 2 and 3, because of the pressure added to them, but I just modified how I chew and went on my way. It’s still early on in the process, so I’m anticipating more pain later on.

Something I have noticed… the case can start to smell a bit if you don’t wash it. So, make sure you wash your case! I just use dish soap and hot water, and also make sure to get the chewies rinsed too.

In terms of getting new aligners, I have already received sets 4-8 and a new set of chewies and new emery board. So I’m set for quite some time. They do send you an email when they send out the new aligners with tracking, not sure if there is any rhyme or reason to when they send them out. Oh, I also received an email from Smile Direct Club right after I switched to my second set, it was a follow up email asking some standard questions. I’m assuming they will send those periodically.

I’m not noticing any differences with my teeth just yet, but I do have 7 months to go lol. Overall, so far so good. I’m definitely more used to having the aligners in and they don’t bother me as much. I will update you again, maybe around set 6.

Have any of you tried Smile Direct Club or Invisalign? What were your experiences?

Smile Direct Club Initial Review!

I took the plunge, and finally decided to address my teeth. They aren’t that bad, just a bit of crowding, but it’s been increasingly bothering me recently.

Back in May, I went for an Invisalign consultation, it was super expensive so I had to think about it and consult my finances. After a while, I couldn’t justify spending that much on my teeth when they really didn’t even bother me that much. So, it fell by the wayside.

Then, months later, my mom brought up this company that she had seen, Smile Direct Club. Now, I had seen them multiple times as well, especially with all the times that I looked up Invisalign. They’re like the Uber of aligners, everything is done remotely. No going to any orthodontists, everything is sent to your door. I was skeptical at first, but I read some reviews and figured, what the heck? I could do the impressions, and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have to go through with it. I also managed to find 50% off the initial kit, so then it was just a no brainer.

In the evaluation kit you get all the putty and stuff to make molds of your teeth. It has an instruction booklet with everything you need to know. Basically, you blend these two putties together, stick it in a special tray then press it into your teeth for like 3 minutes, until they set. You make 4 impressions, 2 upper and 2 lower, and then you send them back.

If you have a strong gag reflex, I do not suggest this haha instead, if you have one of their locations near you, you can go there and they’ll do 3D imaging.

So here is the timeline from ordering the evaluation to starting the process:

  • 10/5 Ordered the evaluation kit
  • 10/6 Submitted forms and photos
  • 10/10 Photos approved
  • 10/11 Tracking info received
  • 10/18 Received kit
  • 10/20 Sent back molds
  • 10/24 They received my molds
  • 10/29 Received email update that my treatment plan was in the works
  • 11/2 Received 3D plan via email
  • 11/29 Aligners shipped
  • 12/3 Aligners received
  • 12/5 First night using aligners

So, I was super pumped to get the aligners, it was on a Saturday, but I was out so I didn’t actually get my hands on them until Sunday. The first thing I did was go through the kit, in which you have 3 sets of aligners, the teeth whitening gel, a case, chewies, an emory board and a tool to help remove the aligners. It also had a booklet, which I read through before opening anything. Basically you change your aligners every two weeks, each set is labeled so you know the order of them, and the upper and lower aligners are labeled so you know what you’re doing.

When I tried them on, the bottom ones fit great, but the top ones had a gap between my molars and the aligner. I called them the next business day, sat on hold for about 10 minutes, and then spoke to a very nice person. She sent me an email so I could send them some pictures so they could address the issue. In the email, it said to chew on your chewies for 10-15 minutes a day for 2-3 days to help seat the aligners properly. I had no idea that’s how long you’d need to chew them for. In the booklet it said that you can use the chewies to help seat them, but it was not at all specific as to how long it would take. So before I sent them any pictures, I decided to try the chewies, and it actually worked, the aligners definitely started molding to my teeth better.

The first night, I did sleep in them. It wasn’t bad at all, I didn’t find it particularly uncomfortable, just a little weird lol.

Now, my first full day of wearing them, they did get a little uncomfortable at times. I actually noticed that they had some sharp edges that were hurting, so I used the emory board to smooth them out. The more you wear them, you’ll figure out where you need to file them down and they’ll get more comfortable.

So, overall, so far so good. Sometimes I really want to take them out lol and when they’re actually out, my teeth feel really weird! It does hurt to chew a little bit, I might start sticking to soup, I’ve also forgone my coffee since you can’t drink hot liquids with them in (I may have to find a workaround for that). If your teeth hurt, the chewies will be your best friends.

I’ll probably do another update in a few weeks, maybe when I start my 3rd set.

Have any of your used Smile Direct Club or Invisalign?