NOTD: Something Blue!

Well, I’m back on a blue nail polish kick, but I’ve really been missing nail art so I decided to dive back into nail art with this look.

somethingblue | by themani-ac
The base on my pointer, middle and ring fingers is two coats of Zoya Lillian. Then I have two coats of Zoya Purity on my thumb and pinky, to which I then added the marbling. I also added just a little bit of silver leaf to go with the silver striping tape on my ring fingers. I topped everything off with Essie Good to Go.
I looooove how this came out. It was subtle, but so pretty. And.. it went with my engagement ring!  Hence the name of the NOTD, it was definitely part of my inspiration.
I’m really going to try to get back into the swing of nail art, I promise.

NOTD: Blue and Gold!

Another NOTD?! What is happening?! Getting back in the groove…

blueandgold | by themani-ac

My base is two coats of Zoya Mallory, it’s a creamy royal blue. I hadn’t used this polish yet, but it caught my eye when I was looking through my stash for some inspiration. I was debating about what to do, then I decided to keep it simple and to add some some gold striping tape. I love doing combinations of single and double lines, it reminds me of the midi rings that I love so much! I topped it off with Seche Vite.

I really like this royal blue and gold combo,simple but interesting enough so I don’t want to redo my nails the next day lol what do you think?


NOTD: Marble and Burgundy!

I finally feel like I’m getting my groove back!

Alright! The base on my middle and ring fingers is two coats Zoya Willa, I topped it off with Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat. When that was dry, I thinned out some Zoya Willa with acetone to create the grey texture in the background, then used a thin striping brush and Willa to create those veins/cracks, and finally added a little bit of gold leaf. Of course, topped it off with more Big Shiny Top Coat.

For the other nails I used two coats of Zoya Sloane, and when that was dry I added some gold striping tape, and topped everything off with Big Shiny Top Coat.

I love this so much, I think this is one of the best marbles that I’ve done! What do you think?


NOTD: Matte Marble Take 2!

So, I’m still not feeling very Halloween-ish… I’m more feeling white nail polish haha


My base here is Zoya Purity (surprise!). Then I dry marbled with more Purity, Zoya Ziv and Essie Leggy Legend. Of course, that wasn’t enough for me so I added some silver striping tape and matted out the whole thing with Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.

I love how this came out! The gold and white matte marble is so pretty. What do you think?

NOTD: Nautical Inspired Stripes and Studs!

I was on the hunt for Orly Key Lime Twist last weekend, but no one had it! Instead I picked up China Glaze Sun Worshiper and it inspired this mani!

nauticalstripesandstudsSo, I used three colors here: China Glaze Man Hunt, China Glaze Sun Worshiper and Zoya Purity. My thumb and pointer have two coats of Man Hunt. My pinky has a coat of Purity topped with two coats of Sun Worshiper, my middle and ring fingers have a base of two coats of Purity. On my middle and ring fingers, I used striping tape for the stripes. I didn’t want them all uniform so I spaced them all differently and made them all different thicknesses. I actually created my stripe pattern with tape first, then filled in the colors with striping brushes. I also added studs to the sold colored nails. Topped everything off with Essie Good To Go.

I wasn’t thinking of doing stripes at all until I got Sun Worshiper. I just though it looked cool and almost nautical with Man Hunt. I love how this came out! I love how bright and fun it is. I can’t stop staring at them! What do you guys think?

NOTD: Negative Space, Striping Tape and A England Proserpine!

When I saw the new A England Collection I fell in love! I bought two of the polishes right away, one of which was Proserpine!



negativeproserpine2Direct Sunlight

So what I have here is two coats of Proserpine. I used regular tape to tape off where I didn’t want polish. When that was set, I added some silver striping tape and some stones on my ring fingers. Topped everything off with Essie Good To Go.

In terms of Proserpine, it’s a blue with a hint of teal holo. It’s more blue than Saint George. The formula is fantastic, so buttery and smooth. It’s opaque in one coat, but I like to have two for good measure. It dries really fast but I find that it dries a little dull and needs that top coat.

How beautiful is that in the sun?! I love this polish, it reminds me slightly of Zoya Remy but a holo version. So pretty! If you love blues and/or holos I suggest you grab this one!

NOTD: Nautical Inspired

This is my inspired-by-nautical-nails mani!


On my pointer and pinky I have two coats of Essie Avenue Maintain, my middle has a base of OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby and then two coats of Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow, and my ring is a base of two coats of Zoya Purity and the stripes are done with tape and Avenue Maintain. To finish I added studs to my pointer and pinky (and thumb if you were wondering), and topped everything off with Essie Good To Go.

At first I tried to do just Boom Boom Pow on my middle, but it took 5 coats and some dabbing to get it opaque so I opted for a gold base. Loved it even more!

I really like how it came out. Love the gold with the blue and it feels just slightly nautical to me. What do you guys think?

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone’s day is filled with awesome BBQ and a lack of rain!

fourthofjulyThis mani is actually inspired by one that Color Club posted on Facebook.

Here’s what I did:

First I did two coats of Zoya Purity as my base. I actually did it the day before to make sure it was completely dry. Then I used striping tape to block off the lines. For the red I used Zoya Sooki, the blue is China Glaze Manhunt and the white dots are Purity again. And of course, Essie Good To Go as my top coat.

Doing all those pieces of tape was somewhat time consuming but I love how it came out. You can always use striping polish and avoid  using tape and doing the white base coat.

What do you guys think? Any of you doing nail art for today?


#LLlucky! Gold on Gold Striping!

This was probably the easiest #LL post to date, I immediately knew what I was going to do.



I automatically knew that I wanted to do a mani based on a lucky charm of mine, that locket. It has a picture of my late grandfather, it’s pretty important to me.

My inspiration was the tribal-ish striping of the locket, and I knew I wanted to do something similar. So, I went with a base coat of OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby then used Zoya Ziv over it. Pretty simply, but I really like the look of it.

What do you guys think? Do you have any lucky charms?

NOTD: Simple Valentine’s Day Mani! With Bonus Heart Stencil!

Let me start by saying I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, I don’t like hearts and I loathe pink, so I had some trouble figuring out what to do for this mani. After a bunch of thought and a mishap, I decided to keep it pretty simple.

The base on all my nails is Zoya Purity. On my pointer, middle, picky and thumb I used striping tape and OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby. For my ring finger I just applied two rhinestones for a hint of Valentine’s colors. I did use a top coat on everything, so Love.Angel.Music.Baby isn’t matte, and it’s beautiful with that top coat!
I was contemplating making and using a heart stencil on my ring finger, but then rethought it. Instead, I decided to try it out on my sister’s nails! She dug them lol
What do you guys think? Anyone else doing Valentine’s Day manis?
Until next time,
The Wicked